How to overcome failure in entrepreneurship

How to overcome failure in entrepreneurship

You and I are happy people to live now, in the 21st century. The world is full of great opportunities – if you want to travel – go for it. If you want to be a fashion designer – no problem, there are lots of educational videos on how to do it. Or maybe you want to gain world recognition and popularity – you are welcome to register an account on YouTube and just make videos demonstrating your talent.

The problem is that only a small part of people use these opportunities. Most people cannot reach success because of the fear to fail and lack of knowledge.

Stop doing this! Everyone can be successful. Barriers are in our heads.

1. Be confident and impudent

A lack of self-confidence is the very first thing that stops us from trying something new. We are watching other people’s success stories on social media and thinking that we fail. The same was with me.

If you want it, work for it!

But you never know how much time and efforts successful people spent to reach such great results. And when I realized it I started doing real steps towards my dream and it worked.

Create your own story. Just try it and you’ll be surprised.

2. Surround yourself with strong people

People play a crucial role in what we do. Find people who lift you up when you are almost down. Depressed people radiate negative energy and block you from making crucial decisions. Press “delete” button and avoid such individuals in your everyday life.

You become like the five people you spend the most time with.

Find people who are smarter than you, people who are inspired and motivated. They will help you to feel that any dream can become a reality.

3. Educate yourself

There are unlimited opportunities for free education if you have just an Internet connection and any device. I am always trying to find some interesting courses, even if they are not connected with my professional sphere.

It is so interesting that people all around the world are ready to share their knowledge and experience.

Education helps to develop creativity and generate new ideas. Education is power and you should find 30 minutes a day for it.

There are some useful resources where you can find free online courses:

4. Do not be afraid of mistakes

At school, we are taught that everyone must be punished for making a mistake. ‘Making mistakes is very bad’ – my teacher told me. But I think that mistakes should be your motivation.

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Once I had an experience of public event organization. It was a festival for illustrators and designers, but I wanted it to be interesting for everyone. So we planned entertainment, market, illustration exhibition and lots of fun. We found a location that was very cool in terms of city infrastructure. But a week before the start the government didn’t approve our event and we had to search for another place. Fortunately, we managed to find a beautiful park, but our advertising campaign was ruined. This case helped to understand my mistakes and motivated me for making one more successful event.

5. Take care of your health

Success is impossible without health. Remember about your lifestyle. Healthy food, sport, sleeping should be a part of your everyday activities. Drink more water and forget about alcohol and smoking. Try to have some rest during the day. Reading, drawing, music listening – do all things that inspire you and help to relax.

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I strongly believe that everything is possible in our life. If you can dream it you can do it. Just love yourself, be more confident in what you are doing, keep on working and you will succeed.

Consider the following startup ideas:

6 basic steps to start a startup and change your life

6 basic steps to start a startup and change your life

To be an entrepreneur is a kind of art because you should develop your project with creativity, passion, and love regardless of any difficulties and days of extreme laziness (I am sure, there are such days in your life). So, the only secret to success is a big desire and patience.

Starting any startup is a process of step-by-step actions everyone should follow to see the results. I will describe basic components you should take into account at the very beginning of your wonderful entrepreneurial journey.

Let’s start:

1. Idea

Everything starts with a dream. Business starts with an idea. If you have one, it is great! The first step is done. But what if you don’t have it?

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Try to think about your own interests or problems you would like to solve. Remember that you should be a number one customer for your business.

For example, you cannot launch a successful project for vegans, if you are not a vegan yourself, or it will take you much more time for research and analysis. Think about things you really enjoy, understand and would like to devote your life to.

I started my company because I love art and design, though I am not a designer myself. I worked at marketing agencies for more than 5 years and managed projects for many huge companies. But I have always wanted to work with starters, creators, and people who are inspired by what they do. So, I decided to create my own company with my dream team and best design services for startups.

2. Analysis

Don’t be afraid of this step and try not to avoid it. The analysis is your tool for understanding the market and its needs. You can ask your family and friends if your idea is interesting to them. Googling can also help to learn about competitors, their pluses and minuses to being used in your own startup.

3. Development

It is high time to develop your idea and implement everything you planned. It is cool if you have a team or at least a partner because at this step any support really matters. But if you are starting alone, ask people to help with steps they are more skilled at. It will help you to save time and avoid mistakes.

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4. Launch

Never think that you should go to the market only when your product is perfect. There is a technique called MVP (minimum viable product). It is a product with enough features to see the world and satisfy early users. Do the first version of your product and launch. Such a strategy will help you to minimize cost losses and get customers’ feedback.

5. Improvement

When your project is launched to start working with clients asking them about their feedback. This step is one of the most important because only now you can understand if you are on the right way or your project requires considerable changes. Sometimes it happens that you need to transform your initial idea in order to create a cool product.

Consider the following startup ideas:

6. Growth

This step has no endpoint. There is always room for development and place for growth. My key advice is to go in pace with time and customers’ needs even if it requires to transform your project.

And one more thing! Remember, that one day you will be at the place you always wanted to be and keep on working.

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