Refund Policy provides a membership service with a monthly payment allowing users to download digital goods that are regularly added to the website.

Since provides non-tangible digital goods we do not issue refunds once the order is completed. Still, we understand that there can be some specific circumstances, so here are the cases when we issue refunds:

1. The product is not delivered

There can be some technical problems when you cannot log in to the website to get access to the goods. In this case, we recommend you to send a request with the problem description to [email protected] Claims for non-delivery must be submitted within 14 days, otherwise, the product is considered as delivered.

2. The not-as-described product

You can send a request to get a refund once the product you’ve got is not as it is described. In such cases, you should provide clear evidence not only your expectations.


All the requests concerning refunds should be sent to our e-mail [email protected] within 14 days after the date of purchase.

If you have any questions concerning our Refund Policy please contact us with the details.