Start Your Fashion Label

So many girls live with a dream to build their own fashion brand and become a part of a fashion community. Just imagine how proud you’ll be seeing people wearing your brand clothes. You have a chance to create trends, impact the world of fashion and even dress up celebrities. If it is your dream then it is a high time to make it a reality! Book a discovery call to start changing your life for the better.

your six-week program


week 1

Brand concept: niche, target audience, mood&style of your future collection


week 2

First samples: selecting designs, fabrics, sewers


week 3

Pre-sale stage: photo-shooting, creative content, sales channels


week 4

Clients Service: working with clients, how to sell more, building loyalty


week 5

Scaling up plan: partners, marketplaces, showrooms


week 6

BIG Goals:  productivity, setting BIG brand goals, mindset 

About Me

My name is Tania Artemova. I am a fashion brand owner and business coach. I love to help people building their fashion brands and changing their lives. Currently, I grow my own clothing line Capslook and work with entrepreneurs who want to build a business.

I am more than happy to work with ambitious people just like you. So, if your dream is to start a clothing line you are in the right place.

Let’s discuss the opportunities you’ll get!

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