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We are a team of purpose-driven and strategic thinkers who deliver fundamentals for business development and growth. Our mission is to help people start doing what they love. We believe that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better and that is why we decided to provide opportunities for their fast start and growth.

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Learn how we can help you to start and grow your business


If you want to start a blog as a hobby, you can do it without our help and additional resources. But if you have a dream to start a business, become a successful blogger and start building YOUR OWN EMPIRE, this offer is for you. Our "BUSINESS FOUNDER" package will give you an opportunity to become an owner of a business! We'll contribute our professional approach and experience in design and marketing to your fast business start!

1. Branding

You will get design fundamentals for your business:

Logo - monochrome and full color, color palette, fonts recommendation

Social media - Facebook design: cover image, Pinterest design: 3 pins design, Twitter design: cover image

Branding design will help to make your brand bright, unique and individual! Social media design will prepare you to meet fist clients!

2. Blog setting

To become successful you need a blog! We will use a responsive WordPress theme and  customized in accordance with your business/branding colors - buttons, installation of plugins, blog sections, titles, menus, social media buttons for sharing.

You will get a website with your logo, branding color scheme, main menu and a list of pages for further business development and growth.

*Make sure you have domain, hosting and texts for the blog description
**We can provide custom blog design, let us know if you are interested and we discuss the pricing

3. Primary SEO

Time to show your blog to the world! We offer SEO fundamentals to make your website recognized by search engines:

Blog submission to main Search Engines

Setting of Google Analytics account and connecting it with the blog

Blog submission to 5 directories for better SEO

4. Consulting

We provide 1 Skype consulting session and 1 week email support to you after YOUR BUSINESS LAUNCH! You will get professional advice on what marketing channels to use for promotion, how to manage blog and possible ways of blog monetization.

5. Congratulations!

You are business founder! You did it! Your business is launched and you are ready to success! It is time to dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

Done in 2 weeks


Branding package

Brand is the reflection of you and your business values. We guarantee that working with us will make you be excited with your brand and proud of your business. Ordering "Branding package" you get the following list of services:

Logo - 2 types of logo (monochrome and in color), color palette, fonts recommendation;

Social media design - Covers for Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest (board cover and pin design)

Website development

The process of website development includes the following stages:

Research - Business research and competitive analysis gives us an opportunity to learn more about your business niche. Only after thorough research we move to planning and further development.

Wireframing - We develop interactive wireframes in accordance with the latest UX trends and approve the structure of the future website with you.

Design - We create two variants of concept design so you could choose the one you like the most. After your final approval we move to designing other website pages.

Development - When all design pages are ready and approved we move to development.

Launch! - We congratulate you on a successful launch of your new website! Be ready to meet more clients!

Virtual Assistance

Focus on scaling up your business. We'll do the following tasks for you:

Social media management (weekly content plan creation, searching for content graphics, posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; communication with users on Social Media and engagement increase)

Blog management (optimizing posts for SEO, proofreading, interlinking, offer titles variants, image optimization)

Email management (we'll update your clients on statuses, respond to daily emails and give you time to get rid of all time-consuming tasks)

Data researching (marketing research, competitive research, topic-related research for your blog posts)

$20 per hour


Do you want to promote your business and find more customers? You are in the right place. We offer advertising on IStartHub website:

Sponsored post - We offer sponsored posts and interviews with business founders that will be published on IstartHub (featured on the homepage).

Banner - You can order banner advertising that will link to your website. Banner will be placed on the sidebar for 1 month period. 

Bonus for our clients!

We love our clients VERY MUCH and wish them fast growth and prosperity!
We offer a special bonus to our clients who order any 2 services - an Interview with a business founder that will be published on our website and promoted through social networks. An interview will give an opportunity to tell a story of a brand development, make it popular and attract more clients.

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