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If you want to attract more audience to your content and get exposure online sharing your ideas and writing for entrepreneurs, you are welcome to contribute an article.

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Here is the list of basic requirements for the content we publish:


  • The article should be related to the theme of entrepreneurship. We love writing about motivation, marketing, business ideas, and growth strategies.
  • Please look through the published content and make sure your topic hasn’t been covered on IStartHub before.
  • The content should bring value, show real-life examples. Please look through the main topics of our website to have more understanding of what we write about.
  • Please do not send general ‘how-to’ articles. Make sure to do research before writing the article. We love data-based content supported by numbers, quotes, and examples. General articles with no value will not be published even if the topic was approved. 
  • The article should be non-promotional. Share your experience and provide topic-related helpful tips to our readers.
  • If you are interested in the promotion, please contact us to get the details.
  • The length of the article should be 1500-2000 words.
  • The article should be unique. We do not publish the content that has already been posted elsewhere.
  • The article should be SEO-friendly and correctly formatted.
  • The content should be grammatically correct and written in plain English.


  • Please make sure to link to authoritative sites if you use quotes, dates, statistics, or data.
  • We allow 1 link to your website homepage in the author’s bio section. All the in-article links will be no-follow.

How to submit a guest post

Step 1.

You are welcome to send 3 topic ideas to our email: [email protected]. We usually reply within two or three business days.

Step 2.

After the article topic approval, we’ll contact you back. Please send your article in google docs format with the author bio and images attached. Make sure to specify your Gravatar email.

Step 3.

Once your article is published we’ll send you an email with the link.