One of the most SHOCKING recent news of the marketing world is the change of the Facebook News Feed algorithm that was announced by Mark Zuckerberg and published on the official Facebook page.
The main goal of Mark Zuckerberg’s “Fix” Facebook mission is to provide more engaging and higher quality content to the users.

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “Our goal is to reach a point where the ads are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you.”

But how it can impact social media marketing strategies of the small business world? Let’s dive into the details step by step.

What is the Facebook algorithm update?

So, let’s decide what is new here about Facebook changes that caused so many discussions around:

1. Friends’ Posts Win

Facebook users will see more posts from their family and friends. The new Facebook algorithm is aimed at making the social feed more engaging rather than just “exploring”.

What does it mean for business pages?

According to the recent changes posts with content from friends will have higher priority and overlay business content in the feed.

Here is what official Facebook rules say:
“With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. To do this, we will predict which posts you might want to interact with your friends about, and show these posts higher in the feed.”

It sounds not very promising for the marketing world and leads to the necessity to reconsider the Facebook brand’s promotion strategy.

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2. Organic Reach Decrease

The Facebook news feed will show even less public content including videos and different types of publishers’ posts.

It means that Facebook pages will probably see a considerable decrease in organic reach.

Mark Zuckerberg stressed, that this change concerns not only Facebook News Feed but all the products of the Facebook company. News Feed is just the beginning of the major changes in the social media marketing world.

As a result, posts with just a few or zero likes and re-posts will become invisible in the feed.

This is how this change will impact organic reach:

  • Less visibility of external links

For, example, if you used Facebook just to share your blog articles and inform fans about fresh content on your blog, don’t waste your time now. Your fans will hardly see your posts in the feed.

  • Fewer videos views and no gifs

As far as you already know Facebook is now focused on engaging content. And videos refer to passive experience since users just watch it and switch to the next post.

As a result, users will see less 1-minute videos and entertaining “funny” gifs in the feed.

This change doesn’t concern LIVE videos.

  • Post comments will value more than post likes

It means that posts with comments will be prioritized against posts with likes only. Actively commented posts will have the reach and go higher in the feed.

  • Long comments will value more than short ones

Posts with long constructive comments will be prioritized against the ones with short comments.

Posts should make people talk with each other rather than with your business. And that is the main message.

Probably business pages with content having thousands of shares won’t see much difference in organic reach. But what to do if you are a small business who has just started doing the first steps in order to meet more customers?

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But even if you didn’t have much success on Facebook before, all these changes don’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t consider Facebook for your marketing activities.

Be more creative and careful about what you are planning to post. You should try to predict if your content is interesting to your fans and how they can react to it.

How to boost your Business on Facebook after the Facebook algorithm changes?

Let’s have a closer look at some key factors that you should take into account planning your marketing strategy in order to boost your business on Facebook:

1. Stop just informing

First of all, you should stop scheduling your posts on Facebook. This is really important.
The Facebook algorithm identifies the type of content you are posting.

If your posts are just regularly scheduled links, Facebook will hardly show it to your fans.
So, if you are using Facebook for informing purposes only, your Google Analytics will not show you the results you expected to see from this source.

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Imagine yourself as a party coordinator who is responsible for the general mood of the guests and is always there to answer any questions.

2. Create engaging content

Mari Smith who is well-known as a number one Facebook marketing expert has recently advised, that in order to attract more people to your brand it’s necessary to talk with the users.

For example, try to add thought-provoking questions to the posts. Focus on the opportunity to spark discussions.

It is time to start thinking outside the box, be creative and risky in content creation.

3. “Go Live” as often as you can

It is a boom time for Live videos. Use this opportunity to boost your business.

Facebook news feed algorithm changes
Live video effectiveness is growing because such content is engaging and attracts more attention.

Think about some ideas to talk with your Facebook fans about and start creating live translations as often as you can. Once a day will be just perfect!

Who knows, maybe soon Facebook will become the next BIG video streaming platform?

4. Ask your Facebook fans to set “See First” for your page

Despite the changes with the news algorithm Facebook users still have a chance to set the priority for the content. If you can communicate this message to your Facebook fans, they will never miss a post from you.
There are three basic steps to set “See First” function for the content:

1. Find the page you would like to see first

Facebook algorithm changes

2. Click on the “Following”

how to set see first function on Facebook

3. Click “See First”

how to set see first function on Facebook

That’s all!

These simple steps will make the posts from your Page to have a higher priority.

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Final thoughts…

Regardless of all these changes, Facebook gives great opportunities for boosting your business on this social media platform.

Just try to be creative and analyze your target audience more. Learn what your clients like, what their interests are and use this information to create awesome and engaging content.  

What do you think about recent Facebook changes? You are welcome to share in comments on how the changes influenced your interaction with users.

Tania Artemova

Tania Artemova is a business coach, entrepreneur, blogger and motivator. She is a founder of IStartHub and a clothing line Capslook TM.