Instagram seems to be the perfect platform to become popular and to promote your business. It seems like all you need is just making beautiful photos, adding some text, liking, commenting and voila – you have 10K followers and hundreds of requests from brands to pay you for advertising.

But it is not as simple as it may seem (sorry if your life will not be the same after reading this):

  • Instagram blogging is hard work. You need to know how to take photos, write engaging texts, collaborate with other bloggers and promote your page.
  • Inspiration to make new posts can disappear at any moment, one day you will have a bad mood or feel depressed and have no desire to create interesting content. Your followers feel that and stop liking and commenting on your posts. As a result, you’ll have less organic reach.
  • Sometimes, you will see negative comments on your posts and you should know how to react and respond in such cases.
  • And finally, you will be lack of time. You are always busy with your regular job, family, educational courses, home staff, etc. And you also need some time to rest. And how can you start your Instagram blog with all that stuff?

Not scared?

Are you really ready?

Then let’s go!

How to start an Instagram business

Here is a step-by-step guide for everyone who decided to start an Instagram blog for business:

1. Decide on the topic of your blog

Focus on what you love, your hobbies or spheres of interest. Very often starting bloggers select some trendy topics to write about having no expertise in them. As a result, the texts in posts are not interesting, a blogger is not inspired and finally quits the game.

The theme of your Instagram blog should give you an opportunity to develop yourself, inspire to learn more and share the information you’ve learned.

2. Learn the competitors

Follow popular bloggers with similar areas of interest. Pay attention to how they communicate with their audience, which posts are more popular and which are not very successful. Analyze.

3. Who is your reader

Try to imagine and describe your target audience: who is this person, what his interests and problems are, how you can help him to solve the problems.

4. Be unique

Instagram is considered to be one of the more popular social networks with millions of business pages covering different themes. It is hard for the users to absorb all this information and remember who is standing behind the scenes of this or that Instagram page. Create your unique style, be creative or just different from all the others. People should start associating you with the topic you are writing about. In this case, you have all the chances to get successful.

5. Create quality content regularly

The first impression is important. If you are writing interesting texts, your Instagram page visitors could never notice it because of your page look. Create your own visual style. Spend some time for editing photos and make them look professional.

6. Tell about yourself

Do not forget that Instagram is a social network and people love talks. If you are promoting a business or a product on Instagram tell your followers who are standing behind this product.

Never try to be good for everyone. Do not be scared to show your opinion, even if it is different from anyone else. People will love and remember you for your personality.

7. Change

The more you will experiment the better. Try some different approaches you never tried before. Always develop and change yourself. Leave your comfort zone and you will see the results.  

8. Promote

Even if you are a super talented and super cool blogger nobody will know you without promotion. Invest some money in advertising. Create and promote giveaways, ask for reposts from your friends.

9. Do not quit

Remember at the very beginning of this post I told you that Instagram blogging is hard work. If it was that easy everyone would quit their jobs and start making money with blogging. There is not a secret button “to get success on Instagram”. You need to make efforts and invest time if you want to see the results.

Why you need a personal brand for Instagram success

how to start Instagram business page

Most people associate the word “brand” with business. But nowadays the “brand” has a considerably wider meaning. A doctor, speaker, sportsman, entrepreneur, you and I can be branded.

People trust people. They would rather buy from a well-known coach than from a company providing the same service.

Running a business on Instagram consider building your personal brand.


A personal brand helps to reach better results in promotion and building loyalty.

People associate particular emotions with your brand.

It is a personal brand that helps to create warm relationships with the audience, build trust and friendship.

Some more small business ideas:

The biggest mistakes of starting Instagram bloggers

how to start Instagram business

Money as the key motivation

You will not start making money on Instagram from the first day, week and even month. Be prepared to work HARD without any rewarding. That is why start with what you have passion about.

Need everything and now

Do not wait to get amazing results very fast and for free. Thousands of followers will not come from anywhere. Get ready to invest your time, money, efforts, creativity, imagination, skills and everything you know and do not know.

“Successful success”

Stop writing fake positive texts about the ideal world around you. People are not interested in such content anymore. We live here and now. Show your natural feelings, people around and interests.


At the very beginning, you can be very inspired making cool photos and writing awesome texts. But after some period you will see only several followers, a couple of likes and maybe one comment on your post (from your friend 🙂 ).

What’s next?

Looking at your competitors who are extremely popular with tons of likes and attention, you are getting more and more upset.

“Why are they so popular and I am not? I am doing the same. What is the secret there?”

It is simple.

Do not compare your beginning stage to somebody’s mid-stage. You do not know how much time and effort your competitors invested to get such results.

Be patient. Be persistent. Be confident.

Good luck, entrepreneur!

Tania Artemova

Tania Artemova is a business coach, entrepreneur, blogger and motivator. She is a founder of IStartHub and a clothing line Capslook TM.