Nearly everyone loves to sit and watch TV, Netflix, name it. However, there’s a big buzz online that you just can’t afford to sit and watch if you’re an online or digital marketer/entrepreneur.

Known as IGTV, Instagram TV is another use-worthy tool for serious entrepreneurs who want to boost their business presence and profits.

With 1 billion users and counting, Instagram offers businesses an amazing opportunity to scale their services and marketing efforts; one of which is Instagram TV, a new tool many believe can give YouTube a run for its money.

In this article I’ll be showing you how to maximize and make money off of Instagram using IGTV, but first

What is Instagram TV?

According to Kevin Systrom, Instagram Co-Founder and CEO at IGTV launch, IGTV is

“…a new app for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators, like LaurDIY posting her newest project or King Bach sharing his latest comedy skit. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you’ll also be able to watch from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start”

So How Does It Work?

IGTV is originally a standalone app which could be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Apple app store, but anyone using Instagram can access it via the small television icon at the top right corner.

Navigating the app is pretty simple, the channels are separated into sections or columns you can jump to, there is the ‘For You’ column, which is basically the Explore section of IGTV, the other sections include ‘Following’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Continue watching’.

You can play, pause, fast forward and resume a video you’re watching. One thing though, IGTV is specifically built for vertical format videos. That means to publish on IGTV the video has to be shot in the portrait mode.

One key feature of IGTV is the ability to publish videos up to 10 minutes long, and for certain accounts even longer, up to an hour. That’s a major step up from the erstwhile 60 seconds limit on Instagram videos. Here lies the biggest benefits for marketers, video content creators, etc.

In this article I’ll highlight smart ways to maximize IGTV for marketing considering its unique audience, features and extensions.

If you aren’t yet on Instagram and/or don’t create videos, now is a great time to start. Statistics indicate that 87% of marketers use video content, with 90% of consumers admitting that video helps their buying decision and one-third the activity done online is watching videos.


How Do I Use IGTV Resourcefully?

People create videos for several reasons; on a whim, anniversary commemoration, capturing, saving and sharing special moments for self or social, etc.

However, if you’re one of those entrepreneurs with something to sell, product or service, you know videos could be used for much more than entertainment because video drives traffic, engagement and ultimately conversion,  things every business owner craves.

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But first, you may want to know a thing or two before delving right into hour long lectures about how cool your product/service is.

Below are some

Tips and Tricks to Use IGTV like a Pro

1. Post Consistently

It’s the golden rule of content marketing. This helps you land, connect with, engage and grow a loyal audience.

If people really like your videos they will likely want more. Being regular creates expectation and builds anticipation, upon which a good video thrives.

And please,

2. Make it Interesting

What’s the point of being consistent at posting crappy or weak business video content? Exceed the quality over quantity debate and aim for equality.

Expertly done videos should dominate your IGTV channel, straight to the point and that resonate with your overall brand voice and objective.


3. Tell Your Followers About It

One way to improve number of views to your channel(s) is by informing those that already follow your Instagram profile to check it out.

Make short teaser videos every time you post a new video on IGTV, it will appear in your followers’ regular Instagram feeds. It mustn’t be a video teaser though, a picture will do just fine. Only make sure to always add a fitting description on the caption.

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So far IGTV’s search function is limited to only searching usernames. Bear that in mind when choosing or creating usernames.


4. Always Add a Call to Action

A simple call to action like “Please tell your followers to follow suit” is a great way to get the word out about your new channel.

You can also prompt them to subscribe, comment, like, buy, promote or recommend your product or services.

At the end of your videos remember to prod viewers to take certain action(s), you could tell them to check your book on amazon, follow your Instagram profile, visit your website, etc.

You should,

5. Make Use of Captions

Talking about call to actions, the caption on IGTV enables you to add a website link, this is a major upgrade if you ask me. Make sure you use that every time you post a new video.

Optimize your anchor texts, usernames and CTA, make sure they’re catchy enough to catch attention and powerful enough to prompt response.


6. Keep It Short and Sharp

With video marketing, content length and depth need critical balance. Extra IGTV video minutes is big but unfortunately people’s attention span is getting small(er). For instance, it takes an average of 3 seconds to read titles or look at images.

Keep your videos sharp and short or risk losing viewers in the long run. Videos should be 3 to 4 minutes ideally. Statistics show that 7 minutes (containing about 1,600 words) is best for written content with average attention span now about 8 seconds like that of a Goldfish.

Don’t forget to,

7. Keep it Professional

Because it is handy, accessible and highly customizable, many users may unwittingly push low quality videos. This is counter productive as onliners are used to seeing and as a result expecting high quality videos. Poor quality videos is like shooting yourself in the foot, won’t move you or your business forward.

Make your videos as professional as possible, use tripods, good editing software and use a DSLR if you can afford one, or invest in a really good phone.

In Conclusion. . .

Interestingly both Instagram and YouTube are now in the 1 billion plus users bracket. It will be exciting to see how IGTV squares up against YouTube for marketing.

Perhaps, now is the time to join the band and see how IGTV can lift your marketing efforts.

Amos Onwukwe

Amos Onwukwe

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business/Ecommerce B2B/B2C Copywriter, featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, SmallBusinessBonfire, SmallBizClub, Successful Startup 101, Business Partner Magazine, RabidOfficeMonkey, etc.

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