Bloggers are the new media and influence marketing has been growing over the last several years. Success in blogging depends on many factors such as concept, content strategy, engagement, and promotion. Nevertheless, bloggers caring about the aesthetic of the Instagram feed proved to get more attention and become more popular. Using Lightroom presets is the best way to create an attractive Instagram feed and save your time for photo editing. And right after you download your favorite presets read this article to start using them on mobile.

So, here is the detailed guide on how to install presets in Lightroom:

1. Open the Lightroom App

Download Lightroom for ios >>

Download lightroom for Android >>

2. Create a folder for your Lightroom presets

how to install lightroom presets

3. Add preset files (DNG) from your mobile device

Visually presets don’t look like pictures but don’t worry. Just add them to your Lightroom app.

install lightroom presets

how to install lightroom presets

4. Select the preset (photo) you would like to use and click the three dots (…) in the top right corner of the preset photo

Press ‘Create Preset’.

Name it as you wish.

install lightroom presets

install lightroom presets

install lightroom presets


5. Navigate back to the main page and add your personal photo you would like to edit In the editing panel along the bottom of the photo, scroll to Presets.

Find the preset you’ve just created and click it.

I would recommend to install several presets at once and check which one is better for your feed. The success here depends on the colors of your pics, the light, and the effect you would like to get.

how to istall lightroom presets 5

install lightroom presets


install lightroom presets

6. Export the photo to your device.

how to istall lightroom presets 8

install lightroom presets

7. Enjoy it!

Finally, you learned how to install Lightroom presets on iPhone have got an opportunity to create a beautiful feed for free! Make sure to select the best preset to fit your blog theme in order to communicate with your audience visually.


Tetiana Artemova

Tetiana Artemova is an entrepreneur and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.