Small business owners spend thousands of dollars for ads daily to attract customers and grow their business. But the competition is tough, and the main question is how do you know if you are spending each dollar effectively? One of the best ways to get control over your paid advertising campaign results is to see competitors’ ads and understand what they do. Competitors’ ad analysis is a window into market trends and customer behavior. In fact, it has become an integral part of any effective marketing strategy. So, let us go through the best ways to spy on competitors’ ads and learn how to increase conversions on website.


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Top 6 reasons to see competitors’ ads

If you are unsatisfied with your ads campaign results, spying on competitors’ ads can help significantly. Here is how to use this information for your website conversions: 

1. Build an effective strategy

By seeing competitors’ ads, you can understand what campaigns work well for them and create similar strategies. Besides, you can analyze their mistakes to avoid pitfalls and money losses. 

2. Get audience insights

Competitors’ ads can save you time spent on audience insights analysis. You can use the information to understand customer preferences and create offers that appeal to your target market.

Also, pay attention to the messaging your competitors use to reveal customers’ pain points. It will help you to attract potential customers seeking solutions.

3. Optimize your Ad creatives

Understanding the engaging language and tone of voice is highly important. It will help you create persuasive ad copy encouraging users to click and explore further.

You can also analyze the visual elements of competitors’ ads, such as images, videos, and graphics to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing creatives.

4. Get pricing details

Competitors’ pricing strategies can help you set the prices for products or services. Additionally, by spying on competitors’ ads you’ll get information on their discounts or promotions that drive conversions.

5. Optimize your landing page

This information is pure gold because landing pages play a crucial role in conversion rate! Just analyze landing pages linked to the competitors’ ads to understand the layout, content, and user experience. Examining elements such as clear calls-to-action, persuasive product descriptions, and user testimonials can contribute to creating high-converting landing pages.

Once you analyze the information, use this knowledge to optimize your landing pages to increase website conversions.

6. Use effective Ads placement 

Spying on competitors’ ads will help you identify high-performing platforms where competitors place their ads (social media, search engines, specific websites). 

One more criterion to consider is timing. When do your competitors run their ads? This information can help you schedule campaigns during peak times when the target audience is most active and receptive.

How to spy on competitors’ ads: AdClarity review 2023

AdClarity is a new advertising intelligence offered by Semrush. It analyzes real-time display, video, and social ad occurrences across 650 thousand publishers in 51 global markets! So, if you want to learn how to spy on competitors’ ads, AdClarity is the right choice.

AdClarity helps to deeply analyze competitors’ advertising campaigns across social media platforms and publishing networks. What I like the most about AdClarity is its ability to unveil competitors’ advertised landing pages. This feature gives access to competitors’ conversion tactics and user experiences.


So, how to find competitors’ ads using AdClarity? Let’s go through the details. 

Step 1. Setup an account 

AdClarity review

You can easily set up your AdClarity account. 

  • Go to AdClarity website 
  • Click Try for Free and select the package
  • Add email and password to create an account

Step 2. Add your competitors

Add specific competitors you’d like to spy on for in-depth analysis.

AdClarity review

Step 3. Explore the dashboard

adclarity dashboard

Once you added the competitor you will see the following information:

  • Estimated ad impressions and money spent for the period

This report will show the list of the publishing platforms used by your competitor and the money spent on advertising. 

how to see competitors ads

  • Ad types used by the competitor

Here you can find the types of ads with % of share.

  • Ad buying methods

By clicking on this block you will see the list of the buying methods used by the competitor. 

how to see competitors ads

Step 4. Analyze top competitor’s ads

how to spy on competitors ads

This information can help you create a winning ad strategy for your business and increase website conversions. AdClarity gives a wonderful opportunity to see competitors’ Facebook ads. To do this, you need to use the filter on the right top corner to show/hide social media or banner ads. 

Once you click on the ad, you’ll get to the ad details page that will show the following information:

  • Ad type
  • Ad duration
  • Ad impressions
  • Ad budget
  • Ad published

spy on Facebook ads - AdClarity review

This page is also linked to the competitor’s landing page which can be analyzed for better conversions and offer ideas. 

But that is not all! You can also go to the dashboard of each ad campaign and see all the ads linked to this landing page promotion. 

how to see Facebook ads

how to see Facebook ads

Awesome, right? 

With AdClarity you have everything you need to run effective ads with high conversion.


Step 5. Understand landing pages

Click the ad to go to the landing page linked to it. Here are the insights you can get by analyzing landing pages: 

  • Competitors’ conversion tactics
  • Landing page structure
  • User experience elements
  • Tone of voice and triggers
  • Overall website functionality

Step 6. Go in-depth 

What else can you do with AdClarity? A lot!

  • Monitor your competitors

Monitor and analyze your competitors’ ads regularly to get the most from your marketing efforts.

  • Stay updated

Analyze industry trends and competitors’ strategies to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics.

  • Boost sales

Use AdClarity insights to optimize conversion strategies to increase sales and customer engagement.

More AdClarity Features

As you can see, AdClarity can become an invaluable assistant for your marketing activities. Let’s go through the main AdClarity features to use:

  • Comprehensive analysis

AdClarity helps analyze competitors’ digital campaigns and identify the best-performing publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies.

  • Data-driven insights

Use data-driven insights to run online campaigns more effectively and engage your audience.

  • Reports

Users can set up reports by searching for specific domains. You can create reports for single domains, groups, or comparisons of up to 10 domains. Besides, you can customize the information based on channels, devices, periods, and countries for analysis. AdClarity offers four report types: 

  • Publisher
  • Advertiser
  • Campaign
  • Keywords reports

All these reports provide detailed insights into ad performance, placements, and expenditure. Besides, you can always export them in PDF or Excel format based on the subscription plan.



  • What is AdClarity pricing?

AdClarity offers three in-app package options: 

AdClarity pricing

  • Display at $169/month 

It provides insights into display advertising with data from 50,000 display ad publishers from 30 countries.

  • Social & Video at $180/month

This package offers insights for social media and video ads across 51 countries, including platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • All Advertising Channels (Display + Social & Video) at $349/month

Everything from the packages above is included.

  • Is AdClarity good?

AdClarity is my number one virtual assistant in running social media ads, so I can recommend this tool. Conversions measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and with AdClarity you can assess which ads, platforms, or strategies are most successful in engaging users and driving desired actions. It provides valuable insights into social media ads that work for other businesses, as well understanding of which ad creatives attract potential clients.

So, I think using AdClarity should be an integral part of any result-oriented marketing strategy.

Sum Up

Studying competitors’ ads is a powerful strategy to get valuable insights and create engaging content for your potential clients. Just imagine how much you can do by seeing what works for your competitors:

  • optimize your website and landing pages 
  • monitor competitive pricing and promotions
  • save time and money spent on ineffective ads. 

Action step: use AdClarity today to run smart ad campaigns, attract qualified traffic, and increase your website conversions.



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.