Websites are inevitable. Whether you are offering services or selling business products, you need to have a digital presence, and the easiest way is by having a website. Websites are the most cost-effective way to build your brand’s presence. You can buy a domain for low prices, and then you can go forward and build a website. 

A website is ideal for making a first impression on your customers and visitors. The design you put there significantly impacts how the visitors perceive your brand. If you want to drive more growth and sales into your business, you’ll need to tweak some elements in your web design. 

As we advance in this post, you’ll learn about why web design is essential and how you can tweak it in order to increase sales in the coming years. 

Let’s start with why web design is important.

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Why Is Good Web Design Important?

There are many web design and development services available in the market like Node js development services, React development services. This section will familiarize you with why a good website design is important. So let’s begin.

  • Ease Of Use

One of the enormous benefits of having a good web design is that it makes the website easy to use. In websites, usability plays a significant role. No matter how good your website looks, the customers won’t stay for long if it lacks usability. Having a website that does not follow usability guidelines and principles is one of the easiest ways to lose customers and run out of business. 

86% of people have admitted that they want to see the products and services of the website upfront when they are visiting a website. While designing a website for your company, you should keep a checklist of usability principles by your side, and you should follow it consistently. 

Always make sure that the information should be readily available throughout the page, and it should be easy to find for any new user. Moreover, if you are running an e-commerce business website, you should try simplifying processes so that it’s easy to place an order for any customer. 

  • Builds Trust

Building trust among customers is vital for the success of every business. Trustworthiness helps you to bag new clients, more orders, and higher growth opportunities. If you cannot build trust, you’ll lose your market share to the competitors who excel in this domain. 

Good web design helps you build trust by providing all the necessary information on hand. Moreover, it is ideal to have a well-maintained ‘About us’ and contact information page to make the business transparent. To build trust among new visitors, you can have a dedicated review section that is unbiased. You should try to include honest reviews from customers and provide a link to the original post to stay transparent. 

First-time visitors will always judge your business based on the web design you have. If you have a good website design, people will trust you quickly, and that’s the best thing for any business. It can make or break the deal. 

  • Responsiveness

A good web design is crucial for mobile accessibility and responsiveness to the website. Responsiveness means that how adaptable your website is across different devices. For example, your website can look staggering on desktops and laptops, but it seems choppy on smaller devices like mobile phones and tablets. This is an example of an unresponsive web design. 

A responsive web design ensures that your website’s user interface and user experience stay consistent across all screen sizes. Today, the number of mobile devices is increasing at a fast pace, and around 54.8% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, which is more than half of all website traffic. This means that out of two visits to your website, one is from a mobile device. You need to consider this fact while developing a website, and you should make the website’s design as responsive as possible.

  • Lead Conversion

Another reason why a good web design is important is that it helps in lead conversion. The number one reason people visit a business website is to purchase some product or service. These visitors are leads for the business, and a good website design will help you convert leads into customers. 

A web design that follows accessibility and usability principles makes it easy to roam around the website and find the right products. It also takes less time to complete the process, and thus more people are likely to complete a checkout process when the design is simple. 

  • SEO

A good website design has ample space for content and keywords that rank your website. Moreover, the design should be able to tag every image with alt text and make the photos accessible by search engine crawlers. 

Efficient website design drives more traffic to your website, and when the traffic stays on the website for a long time, you start moving up on the search engine results page. This is what SEO encompasses; you want to rank higher, so you keep experimenting with different things, but having a good website design is one of the easiest ways to climb the results ladder.

Having known about the benefits of good web design, it is time to look at ways to increase sales by improving web design. 

5 Ways to Increase Sales by Improving Web Design

Ways to Increase Sales by Improving Web Design

1. Decrease Website Loading Times

When visiting a website, everyone seems to be in a hurry. No one likes to wait for a website to load completely and then begin their work. If you are running a business website, having a website design that loads very slowly is one of the biggest enemies for your sales. Slow-loading websites cost businesses $2.6 billion annually

You can increase your sales drastically by just improving the website’s loading speeds. To speed up the design, you should decrease the size of the media files you are using on the website. Moreover, a modern way of reducing page load times is by using caching and content delivery networks. Some famous caching and content delivery networks are AWS Cloudfront, Cloudflare, and stackpath. 

After you’ve made the changes, you can check how the website’s speed has improved by using the Google page speed insights tool. It is a free tool that assesses your website’s speed and provides you with tips to decrease load times and increase visibility.

2. Use CTAs Correctly

Call to Action is something that primarily drives sales on any website-based business. Having a good CTA does not guarantee sales; web design also plays an important role here. 

While doing web design, you should focus on placing CTAs correctly. Moreover, you should try to distinguish CTAs from the website content as much as possible. For example, consider placing CTAs in special attractive colored containers at high-impact areas on the website. Also, while creating CTAs, you should ensure that they match with the page. 

CTAs should be visually distinguishable from the rest of the page; only then will they drive sales. If the CTA container matches the color palette of the background, customers won’t take many actions on it, and it won’t be identified as a good CTA.

Moreover, CTAs should be descriptive and informative. Using catchy CTA is good, but it gets even better when you make it descriptive by providing some brief information about the action. Doing this will make your customers informed about what are the benefits of performing a particular activity. 

3. Go Mobile Friendly

As discussed above, half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So you need to accommodate the website on smaller devices in a better manner. Going mobile-friendly in web design means making websites responsive and trying to provide a consistent user experience. 

Running an e-commerce website on desktops is easy, but you should make it responsive for smaller devices too. To pump the sales with web design, you should improve on how your CTAs, graphics, and other page elements render on smaller screens. If the website is not rendered correctly, the visitors will not know what to do, and they’ll lose interest. 

4. Build Trust From Design

Humans tend to trust businesses that are transparent and leaders in their industry. You’ll need to tweak your website design and start building trust from the design to increase sales. To do this, have a dedicated unbiased review section on the website, where anyone can post a review, and it will stay there. As a business, you won’t like bad reviews on the website, but you’ll need to be transparent to all your visitors to increase sales and growth. 

Another way of building trust using website design is by showcasing the awards and industry recognitions the business holds. If you’ve won some awards for the company, it is best to include them on the landing page or in the ‘About us’ section to build trust among your audience. Landing page design is a must for initiating lead conversations. When people’s trust builds up, the business will surely grow, and sales will skyrocket too. 

5. Keep The Website Simple

Keeping a simple website does not mean that you should remove all the visuals; instead, a simple website is one that is easily navigable. Navigation is key to sales. While looking for a product, everyone goes through multiple links and pages on a website. Having simple navigation on the website will help new users to find out the things they want, place an order, and return back to the home page quickly. 

On a website, always keep a navigation menu on all pages. This will act as a one-stop shop for anyone who’s lost. Moreover, the navigation menu should be filled with relevant and valuable choices and links. 

By now, you know why web design is important and how you can improve the web design to drive more sales to the business. Keep following these steps, and you’ll soon see the sales figures skyrocketing. Hence, it is time for an end to this journey.

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot and Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.