Technology has enabled businesses to go digital, and a major chunk of the global workforce is operating online these days. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic has forced many establishments to let their employees work online from their homes. 

The recruitment process has also gone online, and face-to-face interviews are no longer a preferred option. If you are still using the traditional method of recruiting, you are most likely to lag behind your competitors.

Every organization focuses on building a digital recruitment strategy to hire top talent. Hiring digitally has multiple advantages, like saving time and finding the top professionals from a large pool. 

If you are looking to build the right online recruitment strategy, you are at the right place. In this blog, we will try to understand what digital recruitment is, and its advantages and share the most effective tips to ensure you can hire the most suitable candidates.

Let’s dive in!

What is digital recruitment?

Digital recruitment is the process of hiring candidates online and does not require a face-to-face interview. It involves multiple steps like sourcing candidates from different websites or social media pages. 

There are many job portals and social media platforms where you can post a job description, and you will receive hundreds of applications. The next step is to shortlist candidates who have the right skills and relevant experience. Once you do that, you need to contact the suitable candidates for an interview and make a final decision.

Advantages of hiring digitally

Before we discuss the digital recruitment strategy, let’s try to understand the advantages of hiring online. There are multiple benefits of online recruitment.

Hire from a large pool of talents

One of the main advantages of recruiting online is you can find employees from a large pool of talents. Using different online portals to post advertisements will help you find hundreds of applications. 

You can attract candidates from different parts of the country and across the globe, which is impossible through traditional hiring methods like getting in touch with local recruiting agencies.

Higher ROI

Investing in a digital recruitment strategy helps you get a higher return on your investment. It not only saves a significant amount of time, but you can make the process simple and streamlined. Moreover, you can save a lot of effort and still find the most suitable candidate.

Saves time

Once you post a job advertisement on different online platforms, you will receive hundreds of applications. It’s almost impossible to go through so many resumes and find the most suitable candidates. 

Luckily digital recruitment allows you to automate different steps in the hiring process. The steps include sending an initial thank you mail, finding the resumes that match the job requirements, and a rejection email for the candidates who are not a good fit. 

Besides that, you can send a calendar self-schedule link to the ones who make it to the next level.

Tips to create an effective digital recruitment strategy

1. Create an attractive job description

The first step of online recruitment is to write a good job description. You need to understand your requirements and write a job description according to that. A well-written job description is essential to attract the right candidates. 

Mention the skills and experience you are looking for to ensure you set the right expectation. Besides that, the job description should incorporate the roles and responsibilities. 

It should also include a brief description of the company and what it does. Apart from this, don’t forget to mention how to apply for the job and whom to contact. 

2. Publish the job advertisement on your website

Your website is the face of your company and posting job advertisements there is a crucial part of your digital recruitment strategy. 

Most businesses create a dedicated page on the website for posting the latest jobs advertisement, and you should adopt this strategy. Job seekers interested in your company always keep an eye on your website and look for opportunities. 

You must ensure that the career page is well-organized and easily accessible. It should contain a form where the applicants can provide their details and apply for the job.

Another critical thing you should remember is making your website secure. Nobody likes to provide their information on a website without HTTPS. It’s easy to boost the security of your website; you can find a cheap wildcard SSL certificate online and install it easily. An SSL certificate encrypts the user’s data and prevents any third party from accessing it.

3. Leverage social media to seek applications

Apart from your website, you should post the advertisement on different social media channels. Creating an account on popular social media platforms and posting engaging content helps you grab the users’ attention. 

It will help build a brand name for your company, and you can attract the best talents from across the globe. Nowadays, everyone spends a significant amount of time on social media every day, and job seekers use those platforms to look for suitable opportunities. 

Posting the job advertisement on social media platforms should be a part of your digital recruitment strategy, and you should leverage this opportunity to reach millions of aspirants shortly.

4. Build a reputation to attract top talents

Building a reputation should be at the top of your digital recruitment strategy. Once you establish yourself in the list of top employers, sourcing becomes easy, and it will significantly reduce the time and cost of hiring. 

Job seekers love to work with reputed companies, and you should build a reputation for being a preferred recruiter. Just like creating a brand name is essential to attract customers; similarly, your hiring managers should develop a branding strategy for the company. 

Companies with a strong brand name attract the best talents. It is not easy and takes some time and consistent effort. Treating your employees rightly and sharing their experiences on social media helps you create a brand name.   

5. Manage reviews of your employees effectively

We are in an era when it takes a few minutes for things to go viral. Thanks to easy access to the internet and social media, information can reach thick and fast these days.

It is easy to create or destroy brand names in a few hours. So, managing your employee reviews should be a part of your digital recruitment strategy. One bad review can significantly damage your reputation. Make sure not to ignore a negative comment by your employee.

Take it as an opportunity to show your commitment to employees’ happiness and your resolve to solve the problems. Don’t indulge in an argument with the employees online; rather try to address the issues and focus on resolving them. 

6. Use technologies in your digital recruitment strategy

Digital recruitment is all about using technology in the best possible way. Sourcing candidates and screening thousands of resumes requires a significant amount of time and effort. 

By using technology, you can reduce the hiring time and also attract the best talents. Use Artificial Intelligence to identify and contact the finest talents. The information AI can fetch in seconds may take days or even weeks for human beings to get without using technology. 

Moreover, easy access to too many applications makes it difficult for recruiters to handpick the most suitable ones. Technology can help you find the resumes containing the right keywords you are looking for. In short, technology and skilled recruiters make a winning combination.

7. Optimize your website content

Many applicants use search engines like Google to find job opportunities. Optimizing your website content is another effective digital recruitment strategy you should implement. 

Using the right keywords and content in your job description will help candidates find your advertisement. Moreover, the website should be compatible with all devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Many job seekers use mobile phones to search for jobs, and you should utilize the opportunity.


Digital recruitment is the future of hiring top professionals. They prefer looking for jobs online rather than visiting a recruitment agency. The trend will keep increasing as more businesses are developing an effective digital recruitment strategy. 

It not only saves time and effort but also helps you find the best candidates. We have discussed the best tips to make online recruitment easier. Implement them and make digital recruitment easier.

Gunjan Tripathi

Gunjan Tripathi

Being a Digital Marketing Executive at CheapSSLShop., Gunjan Tripathi has an in-depth understanding of the technical, strategic, and commercial aspects of digital marketing. He writes articles about information management, and digital marketing and also contributes and shares knowledge about cyber security along with proven & extensive experience.