Online social media platforms have been the prime source of earning for Content Creators around the globe. Social media sites like OnlyFans’ easy access and use of networking have enabled people to get a handsome amount of money for their efforts. The popular platform offers distinctly different opportunities to earn money online. But how to make money on Only Fans – let’s dive in!

Now let’s talk about what it is and how it works?

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a UK-based online platform and app created in 2016 by Tim Stokely and Timothy Stokely. It was created to provide a platform for creators to create content, distribute their content, build a following, and make it a source of earnings. OnlyFans pay for content such as Photos, Videos, and live streams via a monthly membership. 

OnlyFans is known for its adult content and is the number-one platform for creators in this industry. Recently OnlyFans has announced that the company plans to ban sexual content due to the mess they have with the payment issues. Later on, the company reversed these changes. Experienced marketers say it was a great PR campaign that allowed OnlyFans to get mentioned by the biggest media such as Bloomberg, BBC, Techcrunch, New York Times, and more. Even Elon Musk didn’t stay neutral on this hot topic.

Elon Musk about OnlyFans

Elon Musk Twitter  

Nevertheless, in this article, I would like to analyze if there are any opportunities for the creators from other (“non-adult”) niches to make money on OnlyFans. Let’s dive into the details.

How OnlyFans Works

OnlyFans is easy to use. Anyone can simply upload their content (photos, videos, and articles) and set their page either free or paid. The one who gets access to the content has to pay some amount. A fee they pay each month to get access to the content or live streams. Additionally, creators can sell “exclusive” content to subscribers for an additional fee called pay-per-view (PPV).

Besides, it protects the content not allowing sharing it on other platforms. The users are not allowed to take screenshots or record them, otherwise, strict action will be taken against them. 

The Work of the Creators is protected from other platforms, and OnlyFans is a public platform where content creators can charge the audience for having access to their content. Now let’s get into basic use, and how you can benefit from this platform making it a viable source of earning.

How to get started on OnlyFans

Different strategies are used to earn money on OnlyFans. Many people assume that a higher number of subscribers create more money. Though, the truth is consistency matters. It’s all about how often you post on the site.

OnlyFans allows users to sign up like other social media sites, however, it requires identity verification, license, and other documents including Bank details.

Once your profile is set up and your account is verified, you can start working on your content. 

You can add a subscription fee which will be charged from the users who get access to your feed.

Content creators acquire 80% of the money made through their accounts, meanwhile, the remaining 20% is taken by OnlyFans.

Note: To be able to sign up for OnlyFans you need to be at least 18 years old. 

What are the popular niches that work on OnlyFans?

NSFW niches are not the only ones that work on OnlyFans. In fact, OnlyFans can work well for different niches. The creators’ success depends on the way they show their passion for what they do.

Here are some of the most popular OnlyFans niches you can consider to start making money.

1. Sport

OnlyFans has some fitness trainers and bodybuilders among top earners. You can share your daily fitness routine and help people to stay in shape with the help of your author training. Pierre Linckenheld is one of those sports experts who monetizes his skills on OnlyFans. He is a snowboarder and an extreme sports athlete who shares his beautiful videos and people are happy to pay for such epic content. If you are a personal trainer, runner, or any sports addict consider OnlyFans as your skills monetization tool.

Pierre Linckenheld - how to make money on only fans

2. Photography

Share your best photos, provide expert tips on how to master photography, tell everything about the technological aspect of this profession, and make your content exclusive and valuable for your audience. Many successful photographers on OnlyFans managed to increase their revenue with the help of their loyal audience. Toby Chung has monetized his photography skills

Photographer on OnlyFans

3. Beauty

OnlyFans works great for makeup artists and beauty nerds giving them lots of monetization opportunities. Share your everyday looks, provide expert advice, and share tutorials with your beauty hacks. For example, Jen Ferguson joined the platform in 2021 and managed to successfully monetize her skills by sharing beauty and hair tutorials, communicating with her followers, and giving healthy tips.

“OnlyFans has created a whole new and exciting world for me! As a social media influencer, personal trainer, and healthy chef, it’s nearly impossible for me to interact on a personal level with all my followers on a daily. By joining OnlyFans, I now have a special place where I’m able to “meet up” with my followers, interact and allow them to get to know me so much better than what they see on my other platforms!” – Jen Ferguson

4. Fashion

Being a fashion influencer can open unlimited opportunities for monetizing your content on OnlyFans. Show your purchases and explain the choice, talk about fashion trends, and show your behind-the-scenes.

Barbara Aleks monetizes her skills through the OnlyFans account as a personal stylist and fashion expert. She shares her daily outfit ideas and fashion expert tips. So you can do this too!

how to make money on only fans - Barbara Aleks Instagram

Barbara Aleks Instagram

5. Food content


If you love cooking you can start monetizing your skills via OnlyFans. Give your daily cooking masterclasses and share your best recipes people cannot find online. Start your own TV show on OnlyFans and stream the way you see the cooking process. People love behind the scenes and would be happy to pay you for this opportunity.

Sneaky Eats makes money on OnlyFans by sharing 2 unique recipes each week. His monthly subscription costs $9.99 a month.

Sneaky Eats on OnlyFans

6. Music in various genres

OnlyFans is a great platform for professional and amateur singers and music writers. If you want to know how to make money on Only Fans as a guy, the platform gives unlimited opportunities for popularizing and monetizing your music content. You can find new fans of your musical talent or give people vocal lessons. Everything works great there.

One of the top OnlyFans earners Safaree Samuels made 2 million dollars from OnlyFans with a $19.99 monthly subscription.

Safaree Samuels on OnlyFans

Safaree Samuels Instagram

7. Social media marketing

If you are an expert looking at how to make money on Only Fans page, marketing is another great niche that can open more money-making opportunities for you. If you are a social media expert or a coach you can find your loyal audience and share expert advice for money. Chas Lyn joined the platform as a photographer and a social media coach. She makes money on OnlyFans by sharing her tips on TikTok and Instagram, as well as content creation, branding, and influence marketing.

social media marketing manager

4 Key Ways How To Make Money On Only Fans

Consistency is one of the most effective ways to earn and maximize your earnings. For example, a simple foot picture can earn $5-50 per picture daily. It all depends on the quality of your content and the consistency of your posts. There are four different ways to make money on OnlyFans:

  • Monthly subscription

The most used method is a monthly subscription which starts from $4.99 to $49.99 to see the content. This model is also known as PPV (pay-per-view)., and is used by most OnlyFans earners. The success here will depend rather on your engagement level than on the number of followers you have.

  • Live streaming

Create your own TV shows by streaming your talents and make money by providing access to such streams. Video broadcasting is also a great way to get additional tips from subscribers.

  • Private messages/media

You can also make money by sending messages to your subscribers that will be locked until they pay you to view them. The messages can have different formats by your niche and subscribers’ interests, such as photos, videos, or audio content.

  • Tips

Also, tipping is at fans’ discretion. Fans can pick to tip on a particular post or overall. It is allowed for new users to only tip up to $100 maximum, and after four months, they can increase the tip up to 200 dollars.  

  • OnlyFans referral program

Another great source of earning is a referral program in which you can refer a creator to the platform and earn 5% of the referred creator’s earning for the first year up to the first $1 million earned by the referral creator. 

There are no limitations on the limit of referral creators. Referrals are paid on a monthly basis. There is a fixed time that you will get paid for the referral. If you are someone with good communication, persuasive, and networking skills, this option fits you. 

How to receive money from OnlyFans

The minimum withdrawal for most of the countries is $20, however, for the first time, you must have $200. You can cash out manually or set up an automatic recurring payment on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. One of the users said, 

“I withdraw every $200 with a manual payout, you don’t have to withdraw it. You can keep it in there, kind of like a bank. But until you withdraw, you can’t use that money.”

How to promote your OnlyFans page

The best way to promote your OnlyFans profile is to use your social media. Instagram and TikTok are the most popular platforms used to get more followers on OnlyFans.

Create a video relevant to your content and share it across your social media. For example, if you are a beautician, you can share a video about the best beauty hacks or tips.

Influence marketing also works great for OnlyFans promotion. You can pay a tip to other influencers to promote your content on their accounts.

10 things you should do when signup for OnlyFans

  1. Set the right Subscription price every month
  2. Promote your OnlyFans profile through social media
  3. Advertise your content highlighting your topic
  4. Engage your fans, and talk to them
  5. Utilize paid messages and response
  6. Getting to know your audience will help you in content creation depending on their taste
  7. Be consistent in your posts
  8. Reply to comments and DM’s and create polls to invite for engagement
  9. Also, show patience because you might not get quick growth at the beginning
  10. Promote your Content regularly

The best thing is you can stay Anonymous if you feel uncomfortable showing your identity. That’s not a problem. A lot of fans do not even care about your face or identity. 

OnlyFans FAQs 

Who are the top-earning OnlyFans creators?

Here are a few of the top-earning OnlyFans Creators 2021 to inspire start making money using this platform today!



Tyga is a hip-hop artist with 21.8 million followers. He earns more than 7 million dollars per month with a subscription price of 20 dollars. He uses the platform to share his intimate look, behind the scenes of his music albums and other images and videos. People love behind-the-scenes and celebrities sharing their private and personal routines.

Chrystian Lehr

Chrystian Lehr is a Musical artist who has partnered with OnlyFans to premiere exclusive content. He is currently among the top creators who share their music on this platform. He got 50.2k subscribers and earn almost $50,264 with a $10.66 subscription

Miss Swedish Bella (aka Monica Huldt)

Known as Miss Swedish Bella, Monica Huldt is a cat lover and food girl. She has almost 1100 subscribers on OnlyFans and is among the top-earning creators with a monthly subscription price set at $6.50. She makes a huge amount of money through the fee and also charge commission for private message. Talking to Business Insider, she said, 

“I would never advise someone doing it if they only wanted to do it like two days a week or something. It’s not a part-time thing in your mind. You wouldn’t make enough money.”

Jem Wolfie 

Jam Wolfie is a fitness influencer and is among the top earners. She is followed by 108k and her monthly subscription price is $5 per month. Her monthly estimated earning is almost $900,000. She has maintained herself in the list of top-paying users.

Can you make money on OnlyFans without showing a face?

Yes, you can. OnlyFans platform allows making money with photos and articles. You can stay anonymous for your subscribers on OnlyFans, but not for the platform itself. To get approved and start making money on OnlyFans, you need to submit your personal documents, such as an ID card or a Driver’s License.

How to get followers on OnlyFans

The best way to get followers on OnlyFans is to promote your profile through other social media accounts, almost everyone uses these social media accounts where you can persuade them to follow you on OnlyFans. Don’t hesitate to shout out and use your OnlyFans link for promotion. 

How much money can you make on OnlyFans?

Generally, social media influencers keep their subscription fee from $5 to $20 a month and earn a good amount. Average Earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month. You can make money by sending direct messages, and getting tips to get pictures, and videos created on-demand depending on your subscribers’ interests.

If you start with a $5 subscription and have a smart marketing strategy with a great network, you can have good money at the end of the month. 

 Sum up

OnlyFans can be a viable and consistent earning platform, if you show consistency in your content, and cash your content with your fans using a Subscription fee, direct message charge, Tip, and referral program. 

And I hope that this article will be very helpful in shaping your ideas into constructive outcomes for your future life. 


Tetiana Artemova

Tetiana Artemova is an entrepreneur and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.