Digital marketing has become an important part of global business today. In this unprecedented time when the world is witnessing Covid-19 lockdown, people have no choice other than to look for products and services on the internet. Thus it has increased the use of the internet up to 70%. Because of the lockdown, people are spending a lot of time browsing on the net for local content, products, and services. This is the best reason for businesses to adopt digitalization.

Did you know people have an attention span of around 8 seconds? It suggests you need to stand out in order to grab attention. Moreover, 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of Google search engine results.

Therefore, if your content on the internet is not engaging and is not translated into the customer’s native language then it will drop to 12th, 13th, or even 40th SERP. What will you do to stand out in the fiercely competitive digital world? You must go business translation to optimize your content for the Google 3-Pack. But what is the Google 3-Pack? Let’s find it out.

What is the Google 3-pack?

The Google 3-pack is also known as a snack pack or map pack. It is a kind of search result that is found on google search results. They don’t appear as a normal search result. The search results on the Google 3-pack are found beneath the ads and above the normal search results. Moreover, the map shows the location of companies that are close to you according to your search requirements, which is why it is also known as a map pack.

Do you want to know why it is called a 3-pack?

Because it shows three demanded businesses with their contact details, weblinks, and directions of their location. Moreover, it also contains review information. The people who use Google frequently know that initially, it used to have 7 map pack listings but now it is reduced to three making it more viable. 

The Importance of Google 3-Pack

Due to technological advancement, smartphone usage is at its peak. People can connect to your business with just a push of a button. Therefore, for the marketing of your business, the Google 3-pack is a very vital tool. 3-Pack results are based on location. Therefore, there is a probability that you will receive more phone calls but it depends upon significant factors.

Visibility: You can leave your competitors behind if you appear on google 3-pack as it improves your visibility. 

Reviews: You can make people your customers if you can gain positive reviews. On the contrary, negative reviews can damage your business.

People Rely More on Google 3-Pack Than Paid Ads

You must consider a few things to show visibility on page one of Google’s search results. Either you can get paid Ads from Google AdWords so that you can rank high in google search results or can be listed in organic search under the 3-Pack. No doubt marketing translation and advertising budget are very important for your business success but do you know which part of the google search gains more attention. It is the 3-Pack. It has been observed that in local searches, google ads are not much noticed and are not included in 10 organic results. This is because people don’t trust paid ads and don’t find them relevant in search engines. According to a study by Search Engine Watch, 68% of people prefer local 3-Pack, 27% of people go for organic results whereas only 10% of people rely on paid ads.

Results by paid search provide a very low return on investment. This is because the cost of each click with popular keywords is increasing each year.

According to the report by WordStream, e-commerce companies that spend money on AdWords gain a very minimal click rate of around 2% or below. Suppose if you get an average number of clicks, even then the dismal rate is 2-3%. This shows that you must receive 100 and more clicks so that your customers can contact you. Therefore, google users ignore the ads and follow 3-Pack to consult a business. Therefore your business will flourish.

2% of clicks and 2-3% conversion rate may sound appealing but how to cater 44%.

According to another report, people like 3-Pack searches the most. Moreover, some reports also suggest that people don’t like to lick business websites, directions, and links. Perhaps, they clicked the names of the businesses that direct the customers towards the lists of businesses so that they can find the phone numbers. In this way, they can make a buying decision from the 3 pack.

The most important thing to note here is that businesses that don’t have any reviews are also not noticed by the viewers whereas positive reviews are important to enhance customer’s quest in 3-Pack.

How Can You Get Your Business Listed in the 3-Pack?

Google 3-pack

You might think that getting the business listed in the 3-Pack is difficult but to your surprise, it is easier. Although high ranking on search engines must follow certain algorithms there are some tips that you can follow to show your presence on 3-Pack.

1. Overall Listing of Your Business

According to the search results, Google decides to enter those businesses in the local 3-pack that is related to customer’s search and who can provide all the services that are according to the demands of the customers. Here the information you provide on google 3 pack about your business must be precise and accurate. In this way, users will consider the google 3 pack the most reliable option to get information. 

For this you can also check other digital platforms like TripAdvisor, Facebook, and yell and how your business information is integrated there. You can do this to provide the searchers with the most authentic information. You can also provide your business information on a variety of other platforms. This helps Google to verify your information and relay your business as an established company that is present to fulfill all your demands.

2. Check Your Business Information on Other Sites

If your company is listed on various digital platforms then make sure that the information it is providing on all sites is the same because google verifies the information from other sites too. Therefore it is very important to keep your business information consistent.

Let’s suppose if your business address or opening hours are different on your website and your social media accounts, then it becomes very difficult to list your company in 3 packs. Of course, Google will prefer those companies whose information is uniform because it shows the reliability of the information. Therefore, double-check the information of your business on other sites. Your company information should be listed like this.

  •         Name of the Company
  •         Address with pointed map
  •         Phone Numbers
  •         Website link
  •         Email address
  •         Phone number
  •         Opening hours
  •         Other reference links.

3. Presence of Your Website

The popularity of your website is very important to determine your presence on 3-Pack. A few years back, you could change your listing with the help of consistent citations across different digital platforms but in this era of digitalization, Google wants to send traffic to the reliable website that has worth.

Therefore, you should develop a website and go for translation services to give meaning to the content. You should include videos, blogs, images, and information that customers find very useful. In this way, you can keep customers intact with your website and compel them to buy your products and services. If your website is ranked high then it does not mean that viewers are converted to customers. But the advantage of this is that Google will check how many people are interacting with your website. The more your website receives clicks, the more google ranks you high on organic search results and gives you a place on a 3-pack.

Pro Tip: Importance of Reviews

The listing of your company shows your presence but reviews with the listing will give you additional advantages. The report published by the SEO experts Moz says that different factors contribute to your visibility on 3-pack. They reported that the quality and diversity of reviews show 13% of your presence on the map pack. Therefore, it is imperative to come up with a strategy to promote reviews. Make it a habit to ask customers about their reviews with every single purchase.

Wrapping Up

No doubt that google’s local search results evolved with time but the methods to show your online presence remained unchanged. Developing a website and going for business translation services to get better reviews of the customers is the key. It will help to list your business on the google 3 pack. 

So, are you ready to list your business on the google 3 pack?



Melanie is a digital marketer by profession and a creative writer by passion. Along with being associated with online marketing for the past 9 years, she is working as a creative writer for CCJK, a known translation services provider.