Instagram is one of the best social media platforms globally, with 1 billion active users every month. It has become a marketing tool and grown beyond anyone’s expectations. Twenty-five million businesses are using Instagram to increase their marketing strategy, and 90% of Instagram users follow one business account. Additionally, 83% of Instagrammers discover and buy new products on the platform. 

Instagram is a huge marketing platform with many competitors, and it is very important to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy to improve your business and beat competitors.

But how to do this? Video content marketing!!

Hubspot research says 61% of people want to learn from videos they watch on social media, and 54% of users want to see videos from the brands they like. Video content is one of the popular features on Instagram. User report says time spent on Instagram has increased by 80% by watching videos. More than 100 million Instagram users share and watch videos daily, and the engagement rate on videos is increased by 21% than photos.

With the popularity of video content format, many marketers promote their brands in different video content ideas to get better results for their business. For that, you need to know some simple Instagram content ideas for your marketing growth. 

Three Instagram Video Content Formats

Video content marketing ideas are the best way to attract your followers. Here are the three essential video formats on Instagram.

Instagram story videos: 

More than 500 million users are watching and creating Instagram stories every day. Stories are vertical video, and it is very popular with brands and users. Create your content in stories to get high engagement.

Infeed video posts: 

A few years ago, the video limitation on Instagram was just 15 seconds, but now you have plenty of video formats to share up to 60-second videos.

IGTV and Livestream: 

Many marketers are choosing IGTV to create long-form videos to share their brand stories. Creating compelling videos helps you to get a high number of views for your IGTV videos. Livestream is another way to engage with your audience.

No matter which kind of video content you are choosing on Instagram but it is essential to learn some ideas to engage your audience to get better business results.

Top 7 Instagram Video Content Ideas

Instagram provides endless opportunities for social media marketers to share effective video content for a mobile audience. To build your Instagram following, you need to create quality content to engage your followers. 

Idea #1: Come Up With An Instagram Stories Strategy

Stories are the best way to connect your potential audience within a short period. There are many ways to use stories for your brand, but you should know how to use them. One of the great features of Instagram stories is highlights. It allows the user to see your stories whenever they want. Story highlights are placed below your profile. When a new user visits your profile, they can see your highlights to know what you did before.

Businesses can use stories to share their brand introduction with a massive audience. Posting stories regularly will increase your brand awareness with the people. You can use stories to ask questions and vote for your brand. By this, you can get engagement for your Instagram stories.

Idea #2: Stop Motion And Fast Motion Videos

Instagram video content ideas - create stop motion videos

One of the top trending video content on Instagram is stop motion videos. The stop motion video user can create unique, quality, and exciting content to show your brand or tell a brand story. Stop motion videos are all about images to show the process. 

The benefit of stop motion video content is users can excitingly assemble products to engage with their audience. Create stop motion videos to share fun content with your audience. Funny content will always reach a higher audience. Showcase your brand in a funny way to improve your brand awareness. 

Making faster videos to share your brand story will boost your followers to watch your videos repeatedly. It helps you to connect with your real-time audience and without boring. 85% of video content is watched without audio, so create this kind of content to reach more new people. 

Idea #3: Share Tutorial Videos

Instagram video content ideas - create tutorial videos

Sharing educational videos is one of the popular content formats on Instagram. It has the potential to attract your follower’s attention because tutorial videos are very easy to understand. 65% of the best performing posts on Instagram are products that brands and businesses share. Users can use Instagram reels to share educational videos, and reels will increase their business growth. 

Create explainer videos to tell how to use your brands which makes new visitors follow your Instagram account. There are several ways to share tutorial videos with your followers to improve your brand. Additionally, you can invite famous people in your industry to share their working experience. It will increase your views and boost your business reach. 

Idea #4: Product Overviews

Many Instagram users are willing to follow business profiles, and they very much like the products are introduced by brands. Share your product overviews, and if the user likes your product, they pay very close attention to see your creation. Every person sees a product review before purchasing this to ensure your product can give better results for them.

It is too difficult to make your customer create product review videos for you. You can share a product overview to show your product in action. With the fastest growth of long-form videos, brands can use IGTV for their business. With this extended platform, you can share everything about your product with customers.

Idea #5: Rewind Mode And Animation

There are plenty of videos and photos shared on social media platforms every day. You need to create trendy and popular content to attract your audience. Rewind mode is one of the popular video content on Instagram. Create funny videos to showcase your brand and use rewind mode to reverse your videos. It is the best way to gain more audience to your account.

Animation is not just entertaining videos for kids; it is a powerful marketing tool in every social media network. Animated videos help you to tell your brand story and make your customers engage with you. It is one of the most accessible video content ideas to create engaging videos without spending more money.

Idea #6: User-generated Videos

UGC is a great way to add more value to your Instagram marketing strategy and make you reach your business goals and grow your followers. It has a 4.5% conversation rate than other video content. UGC is content that is created by your fans or followers about your brand. It will increase your brand awareness with a massive audience and boost them to follow your Instagram account.

User-generated content gets 10X higher engagement and video views than a branded content. It is cost-effective to show your brand’s popularity with a large audience. UGC helps many businesses to spread their brand value over the world and save money. Build a strong connection with your audience to get more UGC videos for your brands to improve your business and get more sales with this platform. 

Idea #7: Funny Video And Meme

Creating funny videos for your brands will keep your marketing campaign very fresh. Everyone loves to see funny videos, and fun content easily attracts your audience’s attention. Funny videos will quickly go viral on every social media platform. Additionally, this can strengthen your audience’s connection. Create funny videos and encourage users to share your content on the platform. 

A meme is one of the most popular contents on Instagram. Every Instagram user likes memes because it is very funny, sharable and related. Users can tag their friend on a meme post if the person is connected to it. It is the main reason why memes go viral on Instagram. Marketers can create effective memes to attract their target audience and increase their business. 

How To Make Simple Engaging Videos On Instagram

Instagram video content ideas

Here are some fantastic tips to make engaging video content on Instagram. Users can use these tips to build brand awareness with a vast audience and increase their business and sales on Instagram.  

1. Look at the top brands online 

Creating unique and quality content on Instagram is well and good. But it is essential to look at your competitor and best-performing brand on Instagram. With This, you can learn some unique ideas to boost your business. Apply that tips in your business to reach your audience. 

2. Create attractive videos with editing tools:

 You don’t be a professional video creator for making engaging videos. There are several video editing tools available on Instagram and many video editing applications online. You can use that to create catchy eye videos to attract your customers.

3. Find your audience: 

Posting your content on Instagram without knowing whom you or posting will not give a good business result. It is essential to use Instagram insights to analyze and find your target audience to get a great business result.


Simply having an Instagram presence will not help you attract your followers’ attention and promote your brand. Posting content based on your user’s interests can help them to connect with your brand. Creating compelling videos is very important for Instagram marketing growth. Using these seven video content ideas, you can get more engagement for your videos, increasing your brand awareness in 2021.

Caterina Taylor

Caterina Taylor

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