Instagram is all about communication with people. The time of long-read posts has almost passed. Current trends are videos and stories. So if you start a coaching business or just want to make money online, you need to attract the right audience and build loyal relationships. Think about creating your own real-life show on Instagram where you mix routine, fun, feelings, difficulties, and personal achievements.

Getting inspiration on a daily basis is not an easy task and most starting bloggers give up on the way to generate new ideas for Instagram stories. Instagram bloggers usually post from 10 to 20 stories a day. That’s a lot! Every story should give an idea of what you were going to tell your audience. Otherwise, your stories will be skipped and the Instagram algorithm will unlikely show your content to these people.

So what is the way out?  I’ve collected a list of the 50 best and cool Instagram story ideas for your everyday content plan. Let’s start!

Good morning Instagram stories

Good morning instagram story ideas

1. Show your morning routine.

2. Inspirational quote.

3. Tell the time you woke up and ask your audience at what time they woke up today.

4. Which drink do you prefer?

5. The mood of the day.

6. Share your plans for the day.

7. Show your breakfast and tell your audience what you usually eat.

8. Sing the song and ask your followers to guess it.

Cute Instagram story ideas for fun

cute instagram story ideas for girls

9. Show your pet or any funny video with a pet.

10. Dance to your favorite song.

11. Your look of the day.

12. Create a story game.

13. Describe yourself with emojis.

14. Post a funny meme with a call to action to share it.

15. Create a marathon of your funny photos and ask followers to share their similar pics.

Instagram story ideas for business

Instagram story ideas for business

16. Share screenshots of clients’ messages where you answer the most common questions.

17. Share your mission.

18. Show behind-the-scenes of your business.

19. Introduce your team and tell a story about each person.

20. Share your business values.

21. Tell followers the story of your growth.

22. Your fuckups in business and how you solved the problems.

23. Tell people about your products/services.

24. Ask people to review your product and share feedback for a % discount.

Instagram story ideas for experts

25. The story of your transformation and how you started.

26. Share your clients’ cases and how you helped them to get results.

27. What is your big goal.

28. Share your achievements.

29. Create a quiz and ask questions from your niche. Then share the right answers and explain them.

30. What is your dream and how you’re going to make it come true?

31. Share IGTV videos of your behind-the-scenes (working with clients, planning, etc).

Instagram story ideas for interaction 

Instagram story ideas for interaction

32. Show 2 photos – one original and one with a preset. Ask your followers to choose the best one.

33. Show Before and After.

34. Create a contest or giveaway.

35. Countdown to your live stream.

36. Answer the questions (allow people to ask you something).

37. Share your preferences and poll your followers to learn what they love.

38. Ask your followers to help with anything (food, clothes, presents, etc.)

39. Call to action story asking for reactions.

40. Have you noticed something in my previous story? Ask people to go back and check.

Birthday Instagram story ideas

Instagram story ideas for Birthday

41. Create a video with the best moments.

42. Share the story of your friendship with this person.

43. Create a happy birthday card with best wishes.

44. Ask people who know this person to share their wishes at the same time.

Instagram Story Questions ideas

45. Ask ‘What would you do for $1000?’ Share the answers and your variant.

46. Share your DMs with a question and ask how people would reply.

47. Guess what is my favorite place.

48. “Truth or Lie”. Followers ask – you reply.

49. How long does it take to…

50. Any personal question to learn how much people know about you. For example, “How old I am”, or “My job is…”


Now you have an ultimate guide on Instagram stories for your regular posting. As far as you can see they are easy to implement. Pay attention to the interaction format and try to build loyalty by being honest and polite. Instagram is about real life, so if you’ve decided to become an influencer make sure to show up more!



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.