Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the global economy. Without inspired, young pioneers, the world would be a boring place. But it takes courage to start a small business and there are always risks involved. However, with the right idea and a solid growth strategy, being your own boss may be closer than you think. 

Small business trends are always changing as the needs of the consumer, technology, and the economy evolve. It can be challenging to keep up with it all enough to come up with a profitable plan. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ten winning small business ideas that are sure to bring you success in 2022. 

1. Sustainability Consulting 

Now more than ever, the public is aware of the impact of overconsumption. Public opinion on the importance of sustainable industry has risen dramatically while concern for the economy and employment has taken a back seat. It’s becoming increasingly clear that corporations who refuse to reduce their carbon footprint are losing their seat at the table. CEOs and business owners worldwide are wise to that fact and are therefore scrambling to go green. 

This means that opportunities for sustainability consultants are more abundant than ever. A company hires a sustainability consultant to identify areas in its production process that can be made more sustainable. They source eco-friendly materials, less energy-intensive machinery, and help companies develop strategies to reduce their environmental impact. 

2. Health and Wellness 

Pre-Covid, health, and wellness were already a growth industry, with the public becoming increasingly conscious of their self-care routines. Since the pandemic, however, people have taken innovative measures to look after themselves. Whether this is because of the global health crisis or a general shift in public priorities, it’s impossible to deny that there’s opportunity in it. 

Naturally, many activities that once took place in gyms, and studios, now happen via video conferencing. Fitness apps, online classes, diet trackers, meditation apps, and home gym equipment have soared in popularity since the first lockdown. Almost every yoga studio in the U.S. shifted to online teaching during the pandemic, and this is a trend that is likely to continue. If you have a passion for helping people achieve wellness, then developing your own health app or starting a virtual (or brick-and-mortar) fitness studio could be your key to prosperity in 2022.

3. Home Renovation

home renovation

Home improvement and interior design experienced significant growth since 2020 due to a surge in migration and home purchases. Also, lots of entrepreneurs stick to home improvement services when starting an Airbnb business. Home improvement sales spiked from $27.9 billion to $43.3 billion between January and June 2020 and are forecast to grow even further. 

If you have the expertise to assist people with their DIY projects, the creative eye of an interior decorator, or if you know someone who does, now may be the perfect time to open a small home renovation business. With the current growth in the industry, it shouldn’t be too hard to secure a small business loan and get yourself outfitted with all the necessary tools and equipment. All you need is a solid business plan! 

4. Online Teaching

The pandemic altered the landscape of education significantly. Schools and universities moved classes online, while many parents turned to private online tutoring. The projected growth for the online tutoring industry is significant as more and more students of all kinds are seeking their education over the internet. 

The costs for starting an online tutoring business are minimal. You need a fast, stable internet connection, a decent webcam, and a high school diploma. Assuming you have these already, the rest is mostly marketing. If you can identify your niche, establish a social media presence, and advertise on digital platforms, you’ll soon be turning clients away! You could even establish yourself as an agency and hire other tutors to teach on your platform.

5. Virtual Assistant Services

In this age of digital nomads and remote workers, many tasks that would normally get handled by a PA are being outsourced to virtual assistants (VA’s). A VA may perform a variety of duties depending on the needs of the client, such as responding to emails, scheduling calls, day planning, writing content, SEO optimization, and digital marketing, to name a few. 

If you have good organizational skills and digital literacy, you’re one step away from marketing yourself as a professional virtual assistant. If you bring some partners on board, there’s no telling just how far your idea could take you.

6. Freelance Writing

The need for coherent, insightful, and quality content writing is growing day by day. Content marketing and SEO writing are in high demand as e-commerce continues to grow. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a degree in English or journalism to be a freelance writer. All you need are good communication skills, working knowledge of grammar and punctuation, and a computer. 

It may be slow at first, but if you market yourself effectively and build a good working relationship with a few clients, you could easily expand your business within a year or two. 

7. E-Commerce

From Instagram thrift pages to multinational goods suppliers, everyone has their finger in the e-commerce pie in 2022. Eric Bandholz is a perfect example of how someone can take a niche idea and turn it into a profit machine. Bandholz began his journey in 2012 with a YouTube Channel and blog. Now, his company Beardbrand sells thousands of dollars worth of male-grooming merchandise per day. 

Bandholz took an idea he was enthusiastic about and established an online community of like-minded “beardsmen.” From there, he soon saw the gap in the market for beard-care products and launched his brand, despite getting rejected by investors on the hit show Shark Tank. Industry speculators value Beardbrand at roughly $4.48 million as of January 2022

Bandholz’s success story provides insight into becoming an e-commerce success. With an idea you’re passionate about, a niche in the market, solid marketing, and a comprehensive business plan, there’s no reason you couldn’t join the ranks of other successful online entrepreneurs. 

8. Digital Marketing

Nowadays, having an online presence is no longer optional for business. Instead of sinking thousands of dollars into hiring an onsite marketing team, several companies, small businesses, and freelancers are outsourcing their digital marketing needs to agencies. A digital marketing agency comes up with a strategy to establish and grow a company’s online presence. They create digital marketing campaigns, manage social media profiles, build websites, and integrate online marketing with other forms of PR. 

There is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals in the U.S. and worldwide. With a dedicated team of knowledgeable individuals, companies will soon be clamoring for your services in 2022. 

9. Day-care

day care business

In the wake of the pandemic, many remote workers are now returning to the office either part or full-time. While this represents a positive step for global health, it’s also leaving parents with the difficult task of finding reliable care for their children during work hours. Some schools are still providing classes online, even though their parents are going back to work. 

With the cost of sending kids to daycare centers skyrocketing in the US, more parents are looking for affordable child-care solutions than ever. If you have an affinity for looking after little ones and don’t mind turning your home into a day-care center during the day, there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. 

10. Podcasting 

If you have something to say, why not say it on a podcast? Comedy, politics, book reviews, whatever your passion may be, there are millions of ears out there waiting to hear your insights. Take a leaf from the book of John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire. Dumas was stuck in a dead-end job, downhearted by the lack of inspiration in his life. He wanted to bring inspiration back into his world and provide it for others as well. Given his fondness for listening to podcasts on his daily commutes, Dumas soon threw caution to the wind and launched his own podcast in 2012. Since then, he has interviewed over 1200 successful entrepreneurs and garnered a huge following on iTunes and Spotify. Now, Dumas and his guests spread wisdom and motivation to his 1 million monthly listeners. 

Putting yourself out there on a public platform can be incredibly daunting. There are always trolls who will criticize and demean your work. However, the truly successful podcasters pay little mind to the chronic critics. They take their passion and share it with the world, fearlessly and unapologetically. Thanks to modern audio and streaming technology, it’s never been easier to record and broadcast podcasts. Even if it’s something you start off doing once a month, it always has the potential to grow far beyond your wildest expectations. Some of the world’s most famous podcast personalities started from humble beginnings, but they didn’t let fear of failure or judgment stand in their way. 


Every successful business starts with an idea. These ten ideas offer great inspiration for entrepreneurs with passion, drive, and a determination to succeed. The world has changed dramatically in the last two years and 2022 could be your year to start a successful small business.

Andrea Vargas

Andrea Vargas

Covering topics from small businesses, marketing, and management, Andrea Vargas loves to provide entrepreneurs with actionable insights. When she’s not writing, you can find Andrea enjoying some milk tea, tinkering with code, or having walkies with her dog, Rufus.