We have heard a lot about Email Processing jobs from our friends and colleagues however very few of them exactly know what they are.
Although they do have a vague idea about email processing jobs but they don’t know anything specifically.

Thus we decided to dedicate a full article to this topic helping you out with all the queries and doubts you might have regarding Email Processing Jobs.

So keep reading!

What is an Email Processing Job?

Email Processing Job was also known as Email Processing System (EPS) is actually a direct sales program where individuals will be selling a product (mainly digital) to customers online.

It will come to you as a surprise that Email Processing Jobs are not about reading or sending emails but a pyramid scheme where you sell the program to other individuals.

It is an online business that is paid from member to member.

So those who are new to this must not have any misperception about the nature of the processing emails jobs.

How Does the System Work?

How does the whole Email Processing System work?

Firstly you need to sign up with an EPS program under someone else, once you sign up you are going to get access to dozens of ad copies with 100’s of ads in each of them.

Most of these ads will be ad titles which you need to just Copy and Paste on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other classified sites like Craigslist.

By doing this you will be promoting those ads on the internet.

You don’t have to worry about how you are going to do the promotion because all the training (like Facebook Training, YouTube Training, Instagram Training) is given in the Program where you joined the EPS.

After reading this you might be asking then why it is called Email Processing Job and not an MLM program.

Well, it’s a valid question!

The answer is you are not selling anything here as you do in an MLM program. You are just posting ads on different sites and all the selling is done by those ads not by you.

I hope this will help you in clarifying what does an email processing job entails.

How You Can Make Money with Email Processing Jobs?

Now after reading the above paragraph you might be wondering how the hell you are going to make money out of this?

As I said earlier you don’t make money reading and sending emails. You

But you make it in 2 ways.


First, you have to join the EPS program and become a member. Once you have become a member you need to promote the program and get new members to join under you.

You will need a website where you are going to place all those ads you got when you joined the EPS program.

When someone joins the EPS program by clicking ads on your website you get a commission for each member.

Your website will be directly monetized with PayPal or PayZa where you will receive payments directly.

Here you will be operating under someone else EPS program.

Affiliate Selling

Here you make money by selling your program directly to people online. However, you don’t get ads to promote as you have to create on your own.

These are 2 ways you make money with Email Processing Jobs and not by reading & sending emails as you may like to believe.

Best email-processing jobs

How Much Money Can You Make?

Well, it depends on how much effort are you willing to put in. Let us do some basic math.

If each referral pays you $20 and if you can get at least one referral each day then for a month you can make
$20 X 30 = $600 per month.

If you are able to bring 2 referrals each day then
$20 X 2 X 30 = $1200 per month.

So it depends upon how well you market your website and bring in more leads which eventually get converted.
If you want to choose the other route where you promote on your own then also you can make good money.

Another fast and effective method to calculate salary that you are making by doing this work is to make use of the free salary calculator. The parent provider of this free calculator is calculator-online.net that is in a continuous struggle to design hundreds of useful calculators to be used in daily life. Coming to the point, if you are in worry about salary calculation by referrals, then allow this free tool do this for you and let you know about the stats.

Is it a Scam?

Is email processing job legit or scam? It depends on how you see it!

If you are under an impression that Email Processing Jobs are some paperwork where you read and send emails to people then you are wrong. It is not an email communications process either. In today’s world, there are no genuine companies that offering such Email Processing jobs.

There may be few companies out there and you might also see their ads on the internet but they don’t pay you on a regular basis. After some time they vanish.

The only Email Processing Job is where you sell the EPS program to others and make money on each member who joins the program.
If you are thinking anything else about Email Processing Jobs then you are wrong.

So it is not a scam if you know the reality of Email Processing jobs before you join them.

If you have a product (ad copy, email copy, and sales copy in eBook format) and a face behind your website then it is definitely NOT a scam.

Where You Can Find Email Processing Jobs?

This is a million-dollar question! Where do I find a genuine Email Processing Job?

There are no private companies or government bodies that advertise such jobs in newspapers or on the internet.

So finding it is going to be very difficult.

You basically have to rely on the Internet mainly social media and search for them regularly. If you come across a company or an individual who is offering Email Processing jobs then you got to get in touch with them.

You have to pay a registration fee to become a member. But before you pay anything to perform a thorough background check on the company by talking to them on the phone.

Here we can’t mention any such company because they might vanish by the time you read the article.

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Who is it for?

By now it must be very clear to you who this job is for.

Email processing jobs are not for everyone especially for those people who are looking to make money by doing paperwork.

Here you will require certain skills like marketing techniques, working with websites, planning, and executing marketing campaigns on the internet.

You will be on your own without expecting any help from others. Hence people who have a mindset of a 9 to 5 job can never be successful at this.

Moreover, you will require patience because you are not going to become rich overnight. You need to work your way up.

So be prepared!

Pros of Email Processing Jobs

Some advantages of the jobs are

  • You can work from home, no need to commute long hours, and be your own boss.
  • You get an opportunity to expand your business because income is not fixed like a 9 to 5 job.
  • You learn skills that can help you to shift your career to the world of digital marketing and blogging.

Cons of Email Processing Jobs

There is another side of the picture too.

  • Finding a genuine Email Processing job could be a daunting task.
  • You are much likely to get scammed.
  • Don’t expect success overnight. You have to build this business over a long period.
  • Probably you might fail at this.


So this was all you need to learn about Email Processing Jobs. This article may be an eye-opener to you if you wanted to learn more about email processing jobs.

Before you take a plunge to find out what it is, the nature of this job, who all can do it, and the cost associated with it.

Once you know the reality you will be able to take the right decision.


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