“Success in business is 80 percent mindset and only 20 percent skills.” – Tony Robbins

Have you ever thought about the factors that differ successful entrepreneurs from everybody else?

Why do some people get rich so fast while others work hard to make money for a living? Skills? Experience? Maybe. But what if you have knowledge and experience, but still cannot achieve success. There is one secret: mindset.

And if you have problems with your thoughts, regular meditation practices will help you to control them and bring your productivity as well as business to the next level.

“It’s through our meditation practice that we can enter the subconscious and change our unwanted programs. Think of the subconscious as the brain’s operating system. By dropping into the operating system of the brain, we can alter habits, behaviors, and remove emotional scars.” – Joe Dispenza

A lot of well-known entrepreneurs practiced meditation for success. Among high achievers who meditate daily are such leaders as Jeff Weiner, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Arianna Huffington, and Bill Gates. And it is time for you to do the same.

How it works: everything starts with deep transformations inside of you. That is why meditations for success are so popular.

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Mastering meditative practice you’ll see how much productive, creative, inspired, positive, and happy your life could become.
Then the events around you become different. Your habits, relation to people, and perception of daily problems are being changed.

And this is when the whole game changes for you.

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Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, said that his success in business was influenced by regular meditative practices. For that reason, he always recommends doing meditation to his employees.

Can you imagine how powerful meditation can be if you practice it regularly? And it doesn’t mean that you should spend hours on this.

10-minute meditation a day will be enough to raise consciousness, transform your mind, and let the magic happen.

Just imagine all the benefits of meditation:

  • it heals, reduces pain and stress;
  • meditation reduces anxiety and depression;
  • it improves memory and focus;
  • it improves relation to life and other people;
  • it removes negative reactions on different situations;
  • it brings happiness of living at the present moment

I would like to share with you a step-by-step guide of a 10-minute meditation for business that is a part of a powerful Kundalini yoga. Using this easy practice daily you will feel incredible transformations in your personal and business life.

Let’s start our guide for meditation!

1. Find a place

10-minute meditation to have success in business

Once you decided to practice meditation find a quiet place at home where no one could disturb you. This will be the place of your energy where you will get recharged and filled with positivity.

You can try meditating in bed but it is not a very good idea. This should be a special place where you can stay focused.

If it is possible, practice when no one is at home or at least in a separate room. Use your headphones not to hear any noise.

My friend told me that her cat loved to sleep at the place of her meditation once she started to practice it. Although this cat has never slept there before. Coincidence?  

Here are more ideas on where you can practice meditation:

  • In the garden
  • Near the river
  • On the balcony
  • On the roof

In fact, it doesn’t matter where you meditate. The most important thing here is that you should feel calm, confident, and relaxed at this place.

2. Take the right position

There is a belief that the Lotus Pose is the most successful posture for mindfulness meditation. It has the power to unlock your energy and calm your mind. Nevertheless, this pose may seem difficult for a beginner. And it is not a must. Here is the list of other meditation poses you can also consider:


  • Half Lotus pose

If a full Lotus pose is hard to do you can try half lotus pose.

half lotus pose for 10-minute meditation


  • Seiza pose

It is a more free posture and is perfect for everyone who just starts to practice meditation.

seiza pose for 10-minute meditation


In fact, all you need to do is just seating with your back straight. Just train it slowly and you’ll be able to master it with time and practice.

Try to take the position that will allow you to relax. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort in your body. Make sure you sit straight, your head and neck are in line with your spine.

3. Relax

Relaxation of your body and mind affects the effectiveness of the whole meditation process. Try not to control your thoughts flow. It is impossible. 

You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather” – Pema Chödrön

Imagine that you are just an observer of your thoughts. Feel body relaxation.

Close your eyes and start breathing.

Inhale while you count to five.

Exhale while you count to five.

Imagine yourself somewhere far from your home, in a quiet and beautiful place. Focus on deep breathing.

Imagination and visualization will help you to relax.

4. Breath

During the whole 10-minute meditation your task is to breathe deeply and stay calm. 

Breathe in and breathe out slowly and deeply. Deep breathing will help you to relax.  

By the way, proper breathing can help you to cope with stresses and negativity in your daily life. Try to do one exercise 4 times a day – take 1 minute to focus on deep breathing. If you have Apple Watch you know how often it recommends spending a minute on breathing. So, it is a minute when you should inhale and exhale with your diaphragm to expand your lungs. During a stressful situation, such an exercise will help you to feel deep relief and inner peace.

5. Focus on Mantra

focus on mantra during meditation

A mantra is a group of words that are believed to have spiritual power. People usually think that mantra is some magic word. Yes and no. Mantra can have a magic power if you believe in it, understand, and feel what you are saying. Moreover, everyone can create their own words mantra.     

One of the most powerful mantras is considered to be Baba Nam Kevalam, translated as “love is the essence of everything”. Easy to remember, right? 

You can focus on these words and repeat them in your mind during the whole meditation. Another option is to focus on the meaning of the word “love”. 

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If you feel this mantra is hard to stay focused on here are some more ideas to concentrate on during the meditation process:

  • Your emotions at the moment of meditation;
  • Your body and how you feel;
  • Breathing;
  • Your goals;
  • Thankfulness;
  • White light;
  • Sounds around you.

In most cases, our thoughts are difficult to control. During the meditation, people start thinking about their daily staff, e.g. what to cook for dinner, where to buy a new dress, or how to meet the deadlines at work. Teaching you to be present at the moment you live now is the main task of meditation. To take full control over your thoughts is just a matter of time and practice.  

6. Be consistent

You see the results of something when you are consistent in doing it. It concerns all spheres of your life and meditation is no exception. Do it daily for at least 10 minutes a day and you will become more productive, feel better and make the right decisions in your business.

Even when you visit special classes or have coaching sessions for your business, you should always practice the theory alone.

Final thoughts

The power of meditation cannot be underestimated. And this fact was proved by the incredible achievements of well-known business leaders and celebrities. If you decided to start a company or become healthier and happier, practice meditation daily and you’ll see what happens.

Speaking about my personal meditation results I experienced deep transformations inside and these changes influenced the way I run my business. I started to trust people more and it helps me to delegate more tasks. As a result, my productivity raised and my business has grown several times. I feel that I am living a better version of myself and this is what I wish you to feel!

10 minutes a day is nothing in comparison with the results you get. And now you know how to meditate for success!


Tetiana Artemova

Tetiana Artemova is an entrepreneur and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.