Businesses that have engaged employees have high levels of productivity and morale. If you feel like your business doesn’t currently have engaged employees, then you may be sitting there wondering how you can engage your employees and connect with them. Fortunately, we have compiled this guide that will go over different strategies to help your business achieve this. Continue reading to find out. 

Ask Meaningful Questions

Your employees aren’t likely to be engaged if you aren’t asking meaningful questions. If you ask meaningful questions, you will be able to engage your employees’ brains and help make them feel more involved.

Consider what sort of questions could engage them. For example, you could ask them about their happiness at your business or ask them what you could do a business to improve day-to-day. Essentially, you should ask them open questions, which means they can’t simply reply yes or no, they must give a detailed reply.

It could be a good idea to complete an employee engagement survey. An employee engagement survey can help you find out what needs to be changed and what your employees think about the current levels of engagement. You could even conduct a survey that goes over what sort of questions they want to be asked. There are plenty of different ways you can ask questions.

Conduct Staff Appraisals 

Staff appraisals are a great way for you to connect with your team and find out exactly what they are good at. If done right, an appraisal can help improve the individual employee’s personal growth and help motivate them within the workplace.

Employee performance management is a great way for you to realize what tasks are suitable for certain team members. It can also help motivate an employee, as they will realize their potential and give them a direction to head towards. Experts such as HR Dept can help with performance appraisals, as they can help you craft the process after reviewing your current set-up. This will be tailored toward your business and will go a long way in helping ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from performance appraisals. 

Effective staff appraisals will involve you listening carefully, offering feedback, and offering opportunities that are relevant. You could look to do annual, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly appraisals. There are plenty of different ways for you to conduct a staff appraisal, and you may have to experiment to find out what works for your team and business. This will go a long way in helping your employees engage more with the business.

Be Confident When Communicating

Communication is key for any business. If you plan for employees to engage with each other and the business, you must ensure you are confident when communicating. Confidence will go a long way in helping you create an atmosphere that encourages open communication.

Being confident when communicating will involve you listening more actively. Listening is a key skill for effective business managers, as, without it, no team member will feel comfortable communicating with you. If you are operating remotely, this could be more difficult, as there may be no face-to-face interaction.

Communication is essential when working remotely, and there are tools you can utilize to help promote effective communication. You will need video communication apps, have a good understanding of your email software, and consider utilizing direct messaging apps to send and receive messages instantly.  

Promoting open and effective lines of communication is achievable. This can be done more easily if you define your goals early and clarify what you expect from your team. You should ensure any message that you’re sending to your team, whether that’s in the virtual space or in the physical space. When there is more confidence amongst your team when communicating, you will find that your employees can engage more easily.

Ask For Feedback

As a leader, you should always be looking for opportunities to seek feedback. Feedback can help you work out where exactly you need to make changes and can help you find out exactly what you need to do to get your employees more engaged. You can also find out how they’re doing and work out if they’re happy.

Feedback can come in many different forms. It could be from the appraisals you’ve conducted, through surveys, or just a chat of some kind. The goal is to eventually reach the point that you don’t need to ask for feedback as often, as employees will feel comfortable approaching you and offering feedback.

If you follow any of the tips we have outlined, you will hopefully feel more confident promoting certain techniques that help you engage your employees. Of course, this might not work for everyone, and it may require some experimenting, but you will get there.


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