Are you trying to get more traffic to your blog but nothing works for you? Writing a good article is only the first step before a tough website promotion. If you want to drive traffic to your blog you need to have a strong marketing strategy. You can’t wait until your article ranks high on Google and organically boosts traffic. So, here is the list of the best sharing content websites you can use to promote your content and drive traffic to your blog.

1. Facebook

One of the best places to share blog content is Facebook. This social media network has 2.37 billion active users per month, which means that it is pure gold for sharing new content. Nevertheless, the Facebook algorithm is changed on a regular basis and it is not so easy to get massive organic reach. But there is a number of ways to promote a website there:

  • Create engaging content on your Facebook business page
  • Share your blog on Facebook groups
  • Share your blog on your personal profile

2. LinkedIn

If your content is business-related consider sharing it on LinkedIn. There is a number of LinkedIn groups where you can share your articles. Make sure you are not spammy and consider the group rules and users’ interests.

3. Twitter

You can hardly ignore Twitter for sharing content. Twitter can boost your blog traffic considerably if it is properly used.

Consider Twitter to engage with other bloggers and influencers by mentioning them in your tweets or commenting on their posts. This will make your content more shareable and bring more exposure.

4. TikTok

Boost your TikTok to drive more traffic to your blog. TikTok is getting more and more popular for bloggers to get website visitors and for businesses to get more clients. Follow TikTok trends to create viral videos to get more followers and drive more people to your blog.

The only restriction you should keep in mind is that you need to get at least 1000 followers to add your website link in the TikTok bio. That is why focus on creating interesting content first and only then start your website promotion.

5. Instagram

Though Instagram is not a content-sharing website it is a perfect channel to build your personal brand and notify your followers about your next new blog.

Put the link to your blog in the bio.

Use IGTV and stories to tell more about new articles. Add some call to action and explain why your new content is worthy of reading.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media network where people find inspiration together with useful content. Most bloggers use Pinterest as a primary channel for getting traffic.

Pinterest is an extremely effective way to get thousands of page views a day. Here is how you can use this channel to get traffic:

  • Share Pins linked to your website
  • Join Pinterest group boards to get more shares of your pins
  • Use Tailwind Tribes to share pins

7. Quora

This is a website where people search for answers to the questions they are interested in.

How can you use Quora to get more blog traffic?

Search for questions in your niche and provide an in-depth answer referring to your blog content. Make sure you are spammy. Do not just leave the link with the text “read more details here”. Be specific and helpful. In this case, your answers will get more upvotes and reach more people who are likely to visit your website.

8. Reddit

Reddit is a highly active community that can bring huge traffic to your blog. You can find a number of subreddits in accordance with the topic or niche and share your content there.

It is highly important to follow the rules of each subreddit, otherwise, you will be banned and won’t have a chance to publish anything there.

9. Medium

Medium is a platform for bloggers where people share their stories and business tips.

Medium has an active community and sharing an interesting story will give you all the chances to get a traffic boost to your blog. Use Medium as an additional channel for your website’s promotion.

10. YCombinator

YCombinator is a startup community where you can share news and blog content. Submit your link related to the niche and get upvotes from other users.

11. EzineArticles

EzineArticles is a website for expert writers and bloggers to share content in order to gain exposure and get more traffic to their blogs. It is highly popular and totally free to share.

12. HubPages

HubPages is a community of writers and bloggers to share personal stories. To submit a story to HubPages you need to create an account, fill in your personal information and start writing your very first article.

Additionally, this platform gives an opportunity to earn rewards for ads.

13. OpenSource

OpenSource is a community of developers and tech gurus. If you have a blog related to the information technology niche and want to promote it, consider this website to share links to your expert articles, and you will find much support there.

14. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a perfect platform for bloggers to gain followers and increase traffic. Just sign up and add your blog. Every time you have a new article published your followers will get an email notification.

15. MySpace

MySpace is a community of music and video fans discussing trends and news in this niche. You can also use this website to share links to your blog and get some additional blog traffic.


Mix is a content-sharing platform that is highly used by bloggers to promote their articles.

All you need to do is to submit a link and add some tags. You can also follow other people and engage with the audience.

17. GrowthHackers

It is a community of marketers who share growth hacks and marketing tips. If your blog is related to this niche consider using GrowthHackers to attract more readers and get an additional traffic source.

18. Plurk

Plurk is a website for bloggers to share articles as well as save the links you like. It is like social media for everyone to exchange interests through content sharing. Make sure to use it for your article sharing as it gives an opportunity to make your content more noticeable and get more blog traffic.


Scoop is a content sharing platform. It covers a number of categories and you can promote almost any topic. Scoop is highly used by bloggers, so you should also give it a try.


Tumblr is a powerful platform for bloggers. It has highly engaged users and can bring huge traffic to your website. The important thing here is to be interesting, bring value, and actively engage with other people.


Getrevue is a publishing platform that can be used to create issues and send it to your email list. It also gives an opportunity to cross-publish content across other platforms.


Enetget is another social media platform that gives great opportunities to distribute content and attract readers. You can also search for articles, engage with other users, create and join different groups and participate in discussions.

23. is one more awesome platform for blog article promotion. It is a place for making lists and most bloggers use it as a social bookmarking website.


Sprackle is a search engine and an advertising platform. It allows content sharing, adding blogs, and promoting blog articles.

25. Triberr

It is a great blogging platform to promote new content. Triberr provides all the social media features for collaboration with other members. Just add your blog and your articles will automatically appear there every time you write a new post.

26. Diigo

Diigo is another social bookmarking tool that is used for content promotion. You can join different groups in accordance with your interests and blog niche to share new articles there and increase your blog traffic.

27. ManageWP

ManageWP is a community of WordPress fans and all the content shared there is related to the theme of WordPress. Consider this website for your WordPress-related articles and get a chance to boost blog traffic by attracting more readers to your blog.


Msnho is a b2b platform for manufacturers and suppliers, but it can also be used to get additional links to your blog. The website is free to use, just create an account and start adding blog entries there.

29. Email Newsletter

Subscribers are the most loyal readers. They already know about you and expressed the desire to read your blog on a regular basis.

If you are collecting emails on your website use this channel to notify subscribers about new content. If you still don’t have this feature on your blog I would recommend you implement it asap.

30. WireFan

WireFan is a sports and entertainment website. Its content also covers such topics as business, lifestyle, technology, and science.

It is a totally free platform to share links, so you can also consider it to promote your blog.

31. Mogul

Mogul is a company that provides tools for companies and individual growth. It is also another website to share your content – everything from videos to photos can be promoted there.


Pearltrees is a website for sharing content. If you want to boost blog traffic just create an account there and start sharing.

Moreover, you can add different topic collections and share your content in accordance with the interests of your audience.

33. SlideShare

SlideShare is a business social media network from LinkedIn. This is a website where content is shared in the form of presentations.

It is a powerful tool you should consider for your blog. Just repurpose your article creating a presentation from your content and share it on SlideShare.

34. Slashdot

Slashdot is a website where you can share your content for free. You can submit your story with a link, all the submissions are reviewed and can be either approved or declined.

35. BizSugar

BizSugar is a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs who exchange their expertise. You can share your content by signing up for the Mastermind community.

36. SiteProNews

It is an article-sharing website where bloggers promote their content. You can promote unique content as well as articles that have already been published elsewhere.

I would recommend trying this website for guest posting to attract more readers and get links to your blog.

37. Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or Instapaper

Sharing content on social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon or Instapaper is a great way to get more exposure for your blog or website. Here’s a general outline of how you can start sharing content on these sites:

  1. Create an account. It will require your email address, a username, and a password.
  2. Install the bookmarklet or browser extension for the site to share content from your browser.
  3. You will need to add tags (or keywords) that describe your content, and you can add a description.
  4. Join groups or communities related to your niche to get more exposure.
  5. Follow other users and engage with them to increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your website.
  6. Keep your bookmarks fresh and relevant.
  7. Use metrics such as views, clicks, and shares to gauge the effectiveness of your social bookmarking efforts.

38. Share content on community-based websites like Meetup or Eventbrite

Meetup is a website that allows users to create and join local groups based on their interests. Eventbrite is a sharing content platform allowing users to discover, create, and promote events.
To share content on Meetup, you can create a group based on the topic of your content, invite members to join, post links to your content and start discussions.
Eventbrite is more focused on events, but you can use it to share your content differently. You can create an event related to your content and invite people to attend.

39. Use influencer marketing platforms like AspireIQ or Upfluence

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to boost website traffic and promote your brand. By leveraging the reach and influence of popular bloggers, and industry experts, you can tap into new audiences and drive more traffic to your website. One way to achieve this is by using influencer marketing platforms such as AspireIO or Upfluence.

Search for and identify influencers who are a good fit for your brand. These platforms allow you to filter influencers by a variety of criteria, such as niche, audience size, engagement rate, and location. Once you’ve found a few potential influencers, you can reach out to them directly through the platform and request their collaboration.


Blog traffic depends not only on the quality of the content you are writing but is one of the most important factors of a successful blog. Once you finish with the next article consider sharing content and you will see the difference. As far as you can see, there is a number of high-quality blog-promotion websites that can help boost your blog traffic.



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.