Instagram advertisement is a great method of investing in uploading sponsored content on Instagram to reach a vast targeted audience. Though there are multiple reasons an individual or business might think to advertise, it is primarily used to develop brand exposure, gain new leads, grab more website traffic, and acquire more customers.

Instagram is a visualized platform, so you want an image, a series of images, or any video content to get your people with the advertisement on Instagram.

Instagram advertising is working well. Above 130 million Instagram users got directions to land on a specific page, visited a site, or DM depending on the advertisement on the platform. According to the report concluded by Instagram, 65% of users say that they are using the network to discover new services or products, and 80% of Instagram users take action after getting inspired by the post.

Spending money for a post like ads on Facebook brings more brand exposure and string control on who could get your post.

Advertising On Instagram Is Good For Your Business?

Like many advertising networks, Instagram provides you the perfect control to aim particular locations, behaviors, interests, age, genders, and more. Also, you could customize your ad setting to reach a specific group of people.

The Instagram platform utilizes the demographics data of Facebook to serve the ads to specific parties. It shapes the tool more valuable for every advertiser on the platform focusing on targeting an industry audience because the Facebook platform acquires thorough history and demographic targeting controls.

Advertising on Instagram could be more potent if you are in the creative or visual industry, such as craft marketing or the restaurant business. You could place your ad wherever you want on the platform like feed, story section, reels section, IGTV(Instagram TV), etc. IGTV ads receive enormous IGTV views and reach than ads created in other formats. So using IGTV for ad-creating ads is a smart way to get more landing page traffic and conversions.

6 Steps For Instagram Advertising

Normally, ads on Instagram could be configured through Facebook Ad Manager. While creating ads on Instagram, you want to stand out from a few steps.

     1. Direct To Ad Manager On Facebook

First, log in to your Facebook account, and navigate to your Facebook Ad Manager. Don’t forget that there is no particular Instagram Ad Manager; ads on Instagram are customized through the Ads UI on Facebook.

     2. Fix Your Marketing Goal

The next step is choosing your marketing objective. It is easy to select an objective because every objective is named in a self-explanatory theme. For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, select the brand awareness objective. Do you want massive traffic? Then go for a traffic goal. It’s as simple as you think. Let’s see:

Brand Awareness: It helps you get a vast audience, mainly targeted people, to your brand.

Reach: It helps in reaching your ad content to a maximum audience. Also, you could use Facebook’s split test method, which provides to split two ad contents to get which ad acquires more installs.

Traffic: If you need to direct a vast audience to your site or app store to install your application, then it’s a perfect objective for you. 

Engagement: If your objective is to gain more engagement to your post or page, then engagement is the best option for you to move forward.

App Installs: You are in the right objective if your primary goal is to install apps. During configuration, you want to select your app in the app store.

Video Views: Video contents consume more money and time. Promote your video content to get a highly targeted reach. This step won’t require any extra steps, and the object is straightforward.

Lead Generation: If your primary objective is to get abundant leads, it perfectly suits your campaign. 

Conversions: This feature turns your leads into customers on your site or even within your application. 

     3. Customize Your Target Audience

After setting your objective, you want to customize the audience to get the right users. It is familiar with the Facebook ads setting process. If you already used up the ad setting process on Facebook, then Instagram ad setting steps seem easy for you. For example, if you need to get a group of people around 20-30 years old in Australia interested in health and yoga, primarily women, you could bring that.

Location: Location targeting helps you to include or exclude specific places, or any particular state, country, region, zip code, city.

Age: It helps you to target the audience through age categories.

Gender: You can select the gender who can get your post.

Languages: Mostly, this metric seems to be empty because it is not necessary for location targeting.

Demographics: You will get demographics under the “Detailed Targeting,” which contains more sub-categories and more divisions under those. 

Interests: Through this metric, you could target the audience according to their interests, like aviation, science fiction films, etc.

Behaviors: You could target the audience based on their behaviors such as anniversaries, purchasing manners, job roles, etc.

Connections: You can get the people who are connected with your app, event, or page.

Custom Audience: It helps you target the audience already on your lists or existing customers.

Lookalike Audience: It helps you to bring an audience similar to your custom audience.

     4. Select Your Placements

It is the perfect time to select your placements after choosing demographics and audiences. It is a critical point if your campaign objective is only to show your ads on the platform. Facebook appears your ad on both the platforms if you simply leave this step. 

Also, it is not a necessary thing, but if you wish to appear your content only on Instagram, you can adjust it by selecting “Edit Placements.”

And also, you could mainly select where to appear your ad on the platform, like the story section or feed section of Instagram.

     5. Set Your Ad Schedule And Budget

This process is simple for you if you set budgets on Adwords, any advertising platforms, or Facebook. If not, you can get here about setting a budget for Instagram ads, whether daily or lifetime budget. And the helpful thing is you could pause your campaign at any time if you are not happy with your allocated budget. 

Are you interested in a lifetime or daily budget? If you select a daily budget, your amount won’t be spent quickly, while the lifetime budget makes you set the delivery of your ad. So both options have minuses and pluses. I suggest you go for the advanced option. For example, if you set your bid manually, you will acquire the control to accept how much every lead is best.

You could also run your ad at weekends or in between the days on analyzing your audience activeness. It’s a perfect way for budget optimization. And also, it’s only available for the lifetime budget option.

     6. Bring Your Ad On Instagram

Now, it’s a great time to create your ad on Instagram. 

Already you would have some great ideas to bring your ad content to promote. These steps look variant based on your campaign objective, but you have various ad formats to select from. Let’s see the different ad formats in the next step.

Ad Formats On Instagram

Instagram ad formats

The platform contains six different ad options for you to choose from. In that, two adoptions are for the Instagram story section, which is similar to Snapchat. The other four adoptions are for the Instagram feed section where every advertiser commonly uses.

     Image Ads

It’s the regular ad format on the platform, and you could get it often while you scroll your Instagram feeds. A single image ad is discovered at your target audience’s feed while they scroll up their feed section. If you bring these ads well, it looks like a normal post.

     Image Story Ads

It is for the Instagram story section and follows the same theme as mentioned above. 

     Video Ads

Bring your stunning video content for promotion. If you spend more time bringing high-quality video content, then you should promote it to reach your video content to a broader audience.

While the platform accepts much video content, they recommend using square pixels, progressive scan, H.264 compression, stereo AAC audio compression, and fixed frame rate. If your video content doesn’t acquire these requirements, you could run it through online free tools to bring these adjustments.

     Video Story Ads

It is the perfect spot to run video content ads. Every audience wishes to visit the story section rather than the feed section when they enter the platform. The exact requirements mentioned above are needed.

     Carousel Ads

It makes you upload a series of image contents rather than uploading a single image. Carousel ads are more beneficial to visual brands such as the clothing industry, furniture sellers, food industry, etc. Also, you could use it to showcase your company culture to the audience and develop brand awareness.

It allows you to select up to ten images in an ad post, each with a unique link. Video content is also the best option for carousel ads.

     Canvas Story Ads

Canvas ads are the newest adoption. This format allows every user to bring a 360 virtual experience to their story content. They are supported through mobile phones and perfectly customizable for every advertiser, but you want a few technical chops. The primary option of this ad is you could add video, single image, or carousel image. 


The points mentioned above are great tips for advertising on Instagram. Grow your business or brand through Instagram advertising. Creating and uploading content on the platform does not bring any effect on your manner. If you advertise it, you could get more conversions online. Then, what are you waiting for? Create your first ad campaign on Instagram and succeed.


Mary Kyle

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.