Every idea is created in the state of total inspiration. Though inspiration takes only 10% of entrepreneurs’ success, startup founders cannot create something BIG without it.

Do you know why I am so much inspired by startups? Because of people standing behind them. Only inspired and motivated people are creators. All the others are consumers.

I was so inspired to start this blog that decided to devote an article to this topic and tell more about the importance of inspiration and where you can get it.

Look around, listen carefully and find something that brings you pleasure, reminds you of positive moments. It can be your favorite song, an interesting article, or a beautiful picture on the wall. All these things bring us inspiration.

Never stop learning

I love reading. I spend lots of time reading books and blogs that inspire me.

And you know what?

It is not only the inspiration I get from reading but also the knowledge I can use for my own business projects.

For example, the book Blue Ocean Strategy I described earlier, gave me a deep understanding of some important business processes.

Follow a real leader

Everyone needs a person, let me call him a mentor, who is a true expert in his sphere and inspires you to move ahead. His success is a motivation for you. His mistakes teach you how to act. Try to find him.

This mentor can be your friend John or a founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma. It doesn’t really matter. Just follow his habits, read articles about this person, listen to podcasts with him and you will get your dose of inspiration.

Find time for yourself

Sometimes we need to stay one-to-one with our thoughts and just relax. Meditation and concentration on your inner state will help to take a fresh breath and recharge your batteries.

Free space for new things

Have you ever practiced to get rid of 5 things every month? I mean just take all that trash and throw it away.

When one door closes, another one opens.

Thus, when you throw away 5 unused things from your home and life, new things come into it. It really works! Just try it and you’ll be surprised.

Decorate your space with motivating posters

I cannot live without inspiration. I try to find it in details and moments. Wall décor is a brilliant example of how you can bring inspiration to your space. It doesn’t matter if this place is your home or office.

I love minimalism in everything. For example, my minimalist home interior is designed in clean and white colors. My parents consider that such a style is not homey enough, but I have just the opposite opinion.

I need this atmosphere to feel relaxed. When my family was planning to move to our new home, I was a kind of interior designer and planned each and every detail. The clean design gives space for creativity and inspiration. And this style allows me to decorate space with different motivating posters which can be changed at any time.

Find your own style and get inspiration in business on a regular basis.

Consider the following startup ideas:

I would be happy to know more about you. Feel free to share in comments how you get inspiration.



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.