I was very skeptical about different sorts of tests. I just didn’t believe the results which are usually too general. But recently I’ve taken this very special personality test and my opinion changed.

Last week I met with my close friends to discuss our next BIG ideas and plans for the coming year. Actually, I enjoy such meetings in a cozy atmosphere and with inspiring talks where each of us generates tons of ideas and gives promises for the nearest future.

I recommend everyone to try the same format of meetings to discuss plans with the team. The results can be very unexpected. This was not for the first time when our discussion appeared to be super productive and brought thought-provoking results.

Personality Test For Business

My friend offered us to take one simple test to define which personality types each of us is, and then, we had to share the results with each other. This personality test can help to understand if you can be an entrepreneur. We did it. 

It was really a fantastic idea! We learned so much about each other. And, what is more important, we learned more about ourselves.

Have you ever been in the situation when you are reading some words and thinking, …wow, it took me years to understand this, or I wish could read it several years ago… We had this feeling when we were reading the results of the test.

So, if you really want to understand your team and yourself better, this test will show you a lot. Also, the description of all personality types is open to read for everyone.  

And I would like to share mine with you. Frankly speaking, it is VERY hard for me to share anything from my private life with anyone, but if you came to my blog, I believe we have similar interests and goals. 🙂   

This is the quote from the description of my personality type:

“Advocate personality type establishes their independence by either finding a leadership position or simply starting their own practice. As independents, sole proprietors in the parlance of business, they are free to follow their hearts, applying their personal touch, creativity, and altruism to everything they do.”

If one of your strengths is ideation and you can never stay long in one place, maybe you are doing something wrong working for a company as an ordinary employer. Maybe, you can bring more value to people by creating something cool, and your business will help thousands of us.

But you will never know until you try. Think about it.

This is one more interesting quote that helped me to understand that I am on the right way:

“For Advocates, money, and Employee of the Month simply won’t cut it compared to living their values and principles.”

This is so true to what I’ve always felt inside, that even hard to believe.

What Else You Can Learn From Entrepreneur Personality Test

So, what else you can learn by taking the test. Basically, taking this test you will know the following:

  • Your personality type description

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Romantic relationships

  • Friendship

  • Parenthood

  • Career Paths

  • Workplace habits

So, it’s time to act

All the information is totally free to read and you can also get a copy to your email. But there is also a paid plan for those who would like to know what to do with all that information you just learned about yourself from the test. 🙂

Not scared? Go ahead!



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.