Getting the right education can help you achieve an extraordinary career and high income to sustain your lifestyle. The question is, what kind of high-income skills are great in 2023 and beyond? There are many options, so let’s dive deeper into the details. 

What are high-income skills?

It is simple. High-income skills are the ones that allow you to make a high income! Some skills require a degree, but it is not always the case. Employers pay skilled professionals high salaries for their expertise and experience. 

I’ve analyzed high-income skills 2023 and most of them are niche-specific. But if you are ready for new income rates, consider investing time and effort in learning.

High-Income Skills To Learn in 2023 

Learning takes time, and getting high-income skills will require advanced training, expertise, and often a combination of technical knowledge and soft skills. Nevertheless, if you are interested in mastering something new this year, let’s go through the most popular skills to consider:

1. Project management

The salary of a project manager can be anywhere from $87000 to $135000 on average. It’s a high-paid position covering such tasks as:

  • Project planning
  • Resources and team management 
  • Implementation and deadlines control
  • Reporting 

Though there is a lot to do, with AI you have lots of professional tools that can help make your job easier.

2. Financial planning

A Financial Advisor can make $123,361 annually in the United States. Not bad, right? The demand for skilled financial planners is on the rise, particularly as more people understand the importance of financial security and wealth management.

Financial planners often work on a commission or fee-based structure, which means their earnings are directly tied to the value they provide to clients. You can work with individuals, families, businesses, and even high-net-worth clients, offering a wide range of opportunities for income generation.

3. Coaching skills

Coaching is a high-income skill because it offers a win-win scenario: clients benefit from improved performance, and coaches are rewarded for their ability to facilitate growth and success. If you are interested in growing your coaching skills, start by defining a particular niche following your passion, for example:

In terms of income, coaching is also a profitable career path. An average coaching salary is over $100K annually, depending on the niche!

coaching skills

Image source: Zip Recruiter

4. Software development

Software developers are in high demand because companies are constantly looking for custom software solutions. The average salary of a software developer will vary, but it’s anywhere from $80k to $110k or more. Some development skills in very high demand are Python, SQL and Java, VBA, Perl, and cloud computing. What’s crucial to note is that companies tend to have particular development requirements, so every development job can vary from one company to the next.

5. Machine learning

Machine learning and AI skills are widely sought-after and are paid exceptionally well. A machine learning engineer earns $158k in the US on average, and in some cases, even more than that. Machine learning professionals create solutions that automate regular tasks, thus saving crucial time for businesses. They can also design various algorithms that detect fraud or any customer behavior trends. That’s why ML jobs are widely sought after and well-paid in 2023.

6. Consulting

Consulting is a high-income skill to grow in 2023. According to Indeed, consultants can make up to $126K a year!

Consultants work across various industries and sectors, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, offering a wide range of opportunities to generate income. I consider freedom and flexibility to be the main benefits of working in consulting.

Moreover, starting to work as a business consultant, you have unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities to build your consulting firm and expand your income potential.

 7. Cybersecurity

Studies show that a data breach can easily cost businesses up to $3.2 million on average. That means every company has in its best interests to hire a team of cybersecurity experts that can track, identify, and eliminate any security threats. Anyone can earn from $110k to $225k depending on the position. The industry has many positions – from information security manager, cybersecurity engineer, network security engineer, or cyber security analyst. 

8. Mobile application development

We can’t dismiss the importance of mobile app development either. With mobile devices being commonplace, there’s a massive demand for apps. And aside from entertainment apps, businesses are also looking for mobile app creators. Mobile app developers can earn around $123k a year, so this is a high-income skill with exceptional returns. 

9. Sales 

A sales engineer can earn $84K on average, while a sales director will go up to $100k. These sales jobs also cover many industries, including finance, tech, and real estate. Sometimes sales bonuses can double your income.

10. SEO

Ranking high online is widely sought after by businesses worldwide. That’s why SEO specialists are in very high demand. While a company’s SEO expert can earn $100k, it’s common for a freelance expert to make 1.5 or even 2x that if they choose to work with multiple companies simultaneously.

11. Video editing

Video editing jobs within a company aren’t very well paid, but this is yet another one of the high-income skills that shines if you go for freelance work. Many video editors are earning upwards of $100k or more. Then add a YouTube channel with tips and tricks for even more side income. It’s a valuable skill, especially nowadays when video is king, and everyone wants to create content.

12. Copywriting

Even if we live in the world of AI, the truth is that great content is still widely sought after. And just like SEO or video editing, copywriting shines if you work with multiple people instead of a company. On average, a company’s copywriter will earn around $59k, but a freelance copywriter can earn $100k or more.

high income skill copywriting

Copywriting is a great option because its possibilities are limitless, and you can take as many clients as you want. If you take copywriting seriously, AI will be your personal assistant rather than a competitor. 

13. UX designer or manager

UX is a growing field, and it’s easy to see why because companies are always looking to boost the user experience and understand what customers want. That’s the reason why they are hiring UX experts. If you acquire and improve on this skill, you can earn anywhere from $100k to $120k or more. UX directors can earn up to $160k, which shows the fantastic earning potential you can have within this niche.

14. Healthcare skills

Healthcare professionals, such as nurses with advanced certifications or medical coders, are in demand. Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals can easily generate high incomes. Salaries in the healthcare industry vary widely depending on the specialization. Though such skills can help you make up to $103K annually in the US.

15. Audio Engineering

Audio engineers thrive in the freelance world, but even if you work for a business, you can earn around $98k on average, with the higher end going to $200k or even more. It’s a job that pays well, and you can get to a point where you choose only specific clients within the niche. You can also specialize in specific audio tasks.

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High-income skills are always widely sought, and many don’t even need a degree. Instead, you can learn these skills online or through local courses. Some people are even self-taught, and they get to earn 6 figures every year doing the things they love. That’s why we recommend focusing on these high-income skills, because not only are they exceptional, they offer the means to sustain yourself from a financial standpoint!



Tetiana is a business coach and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.