Companies have gradually switched the types of signatures that they use, as e-signatures have helped improve their brand’s image. Your brand can also get that same privilege by investing in E-signatures. Let’s discuss how digital signatures have boosted different brands’ prominence in the market.

What is an E-Signature? 

An E-signature is just your regular signature, converted into a digital format. You can even stylize it however you want, eventually settling for something that better reflects your brand.

They can let you easily sign documents online without having to worry about any possible security threats. The technology used in bringing about these digital characteristics is known as asymmetric cryptography similar to WhatsApp messaging. 

What are a few ways to elevate your brand by E-signatures?

E-signatures can go a long way in improving your brand’s overall relevance and making it stand out in the market. Here is what you can expect:

1. Increased Level of Security

Handwritten signatures have always been a symbol of authenticity. Along with being more authentic, it is also legally binding, which means that it is easier for people to hold others accountable. 

E-signatures have taken the lead in offering some much-needed security. Credits go to asymmetric cryptography and digital certificates for this extra layer of protection.

Corporations will regularly need to scan documents, which means that signatures will often fade. However, a digital approach has saved the authorities from getting stuck in problems of forgery.  Since there is no real way to monitor who has had access to relevant documents, forgery can be a lot more difficult to prove. This can maintain the confidentiality of your papers while maintaining it’s status as a legal tender. 

2. Efficient Functionality

With E-signatures, you can get permissions from clients and suppliers faster. It is a great way to avoid the hectic and time-consuming process of sending documents through the mail when depending on handwritten signatures.

E-signatures also offer better cross-platform mobility. When a business will draft its documents online and meet virtually to discuss the contents of the article, search, and send documents without having to use your hands to print, sign, scan, and send them out to relevant parties. Save yourself time by taking advantage of E-signatures to improve efficiency and functionality. 

 E-signatures make it convenient to confirm documents in seconds easily. In the wake of a global pandemic, this can be very beneficial for businesses, as their transactions execute without issues despite restrictions on traveling. How about you add it to uplift your brand?

Staff and customers can sign fast, irrespective of time and geographical location. There is no need to wait for a person to come physically and sign the document. Another good part about digital signatures is that they ensure all relevant fields have been filled before both parties can move on, further reducing the chances of errors. 

For instance, if the person misses a section that is mandatory to fill, the agreement will instantly take you to that missing part, allowing for a faster hiring process.   

You wouldn’t have to send the document multiple times as the correction can be made in one go. 

3. Cost Effective

E-signatures are cost-effective in three major ways:

  • Fewer costs on Paper and Headcount

Purchasing, printing, and handling paper requires money. Still, with E-signatures, you can eradicate the unnecessary costs spent on purchasing reams of paper and maintaining printers and scanners. 

  • Electronic signatures also help reduce the number of employees required for daily office tasks, whose jobs revolve around signing, printing, scanning, tracking, emailing, distributing, and storing signed documents. 

All of that can go online, which has made work super quick. 

  • Fewer Storage and Archiving Costs 

With an emphasis on physical signatures, you also had to spend money on getting separate storage places to keep your documents safe. However, there was no guarantee that they would remain safe. 

Here, E-signatures can be more effective, as the documents can be virtually stored, and there is no need to stress that they will end up in unsafe hands. 

4. The Time is Money

The enhanced functional efficiency can also benefit your business. How? If you add digital signatures to your working method and improve your workflow, nothing can stop your brand from flourishing. 

E-signatures can help improve your sales, and order processing time, and improve your business’ revenue. 

5. Faster Delivery of Documents

Utilizing E-signatures helps employees reach a fair conclusion during business sale agreements. There is no need to reach out to the client physically, as they can sign it online, leading to contract approval from the clients in the blink of an eye. 

If it had been the traditional method, then you would have to count on the client’s availability to finally get a signature from them. The E-signature ensures faster delivery of documents to both parties. 

6. It Supports Remote Workers

The introduction of E-signatures makes it a lot easier for remote workers and digital nomads. Since they often work offsite, they can sign and send the document at their convenience. 

We hope you found ways of implementing E-signatures to make your branding strategies interesting enough that you are considering investing in one too.

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