Very often on the way to business growth entrepreneurs need financial support. And I was not an exception. There were days when I just needed an opportunity to make money fast. My in-depth research helped me to realize that there are so many opportunities to make $100 a day and even more. 

So, in order not to beat about the bush let’s go through the most practical ways of making money online, from any place on earth, and without paying anything. 

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  1. Micro Jobs Websites
  2. Websites with Search Engine Evaluator Jobs
  3. Websites with Best Paying Affiliate Programs
  4. Best Freelance Websites
  5. Drop Shipping Business Guide
  6. Websites That Pay For Testing
  7. Websites That Pay For Surveys

How To Make Money Fast: Complete Simple Tasks on Micro-Jobs Websites


The registration process is free, very fast and quite simple.

Step 1. Create an account filling in all the required personal data.

Step 2. Verify your email and phone number. 

mocroworkers registration

Step 3. Review the list of available jobs.

The tasks are simple and can be done very fast. They are mostly related to blogging and social media promotion, so these jobs will not require any special skills and you can start making money online at once.  

The minimum amount of withdrawal to be reached is $9 via PayPal or Skrill, and $20 via Payoneer. 

By the way, you can also publish your own jobs paying by the money you earned on this website. 


This is a website by Amazon that provides a variety of small jobs that can be done in minutes and without special skills. If you are not located in the US you can also start making money using this website. All you need to do is just create an Amazon account and review the list of available tasks. 

amazon mturk jobs

Some of the tasks have minimum requirements, for example, it can be geolocation or qualification. Nevertheless, you can request a qualification or find jobs without such requirements. 


Another website that accepts all countries and allows you to make cash fast is ClickWorker.

The average hourly rate here is $9-10. 

To start making money here you should do the following:

Step 1. Sign up for free

Step 2. Complete a profile in detail

Detailed profile information is highly important for getting jobs. It won’t take too much time though. You should put the information about your skills, languages, hobbies, interests.

Step 3. Click “Home” to get the list of relevant jobs

Step 4. Do assessments

To prove your qualification and get the full list of jobs you should go to the Assessment tab and complete assessments. After completing this step you will get access to even more money-making opportunities. 

How To Make Money Fast: Become a Search Engine Evaluator / Internet Analyst

What does a search engine evaluator job mean? This is a kind of job requiring the validation of search engine results. This job is a good opportunity to make money from home and without any special skills.

All you need to do is validating the search results in accordance with the search phrase you get in the task. 

How much can you actually make as a search engine evaluator?

Payment here mostly depends on the country you live in. The average hourly rate starts from $13 for the United States and European countries and from $7 for Asian countries

Nevertheless, Internet Analyst is considered to be one of the highest-paying jobs that require no special knowledge and can be done online from any country. Here is a minimum requirements list for everyone to start working:

  • Web search skills;
  • A computer with a good internet connection;
  • Should be willing to work at least 10 hours per week;
  • Should pass a language test

Not so hard, right?

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So, where can you find Search Evaluator jobs? 

 4. Appen 

Appen is one of the most popular companies with the largest list of online jobs available all around the world. The variety of jobs there is really very impressive! Here are the main types of online jobs offered by Appen:

  • Language jobs
  • Raters
  • Micro tasks
  • Corporate jobs

According to Indeed Appen pays up to $30 per hour in the US and that is quite a good rate compared to other freelance opportunities. So you should definitely give it a try.

appen salaries in the USThe application process is quite simple but not very fast. Some people say that it takes weeks to get a response from the team. I got a notification from Appen about approval within the next 48 hours after registration. 

Here are the main stages of Appen approval process:

  • online registration where you specify your personal and professional data;
  • online documents signing;
  • qualification process;
  • final paperwork

how to apply for appen

All the jobs are offered in accordance with the applicant’s language and country preferences, I guess it may take some time to get an offer.  

If you don’t like this variant or your country is not on the list here is a list of other companies like Appen you could consider for Search Evaluator Jobs:

 5. Lionbridge 



How To Make Money Fast: Apply for Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketing cannot be underestimated. It is one of the most successful ways to make much more than just $100 a day. Most bloggers make thousands of dollars selling various products they don’t own. 

So, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to get income every time you sell someone’s product or service.

The benefits of this method are so huge:

  • you don’t need to have your own product;
  • you don’t need to worry about the products shipment and client service;
  • you can select any products to test the market and change them any time without any additional expenses;
  • all you need to do to make cash is to promote the products or services you like and get money every time you make a sale.

What do you need in order to become an affiliate marketer?

In order to become an affiliate marketer, you need to think about the channels you will use for products/services promotion. The more people click your affiliate links the more sales and money you can make. 

So, here are the channels you should consider as an affiliate marketer:

  • Start a blog and create articles with affiliate links
  • Promote pins on Pinterest boards
  • Promote ads on Instagram
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Do product reviews on YouTube 

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How to find affiliate programs?

There is a great variety of affiliate programs with different commission rates and payment terms. It is up to you which of them to join. But there is one important aspect you should keep in mind, it is your niche. Your niche defines the interests of your audience. Promoting products from your niche will give you more chances to make more sales. 

Nevertheless, I would like to share the list of the highest paying affiliate programs regardless of the niche. Let’s go! 

The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs: 

 8. ClickBank 

Product: lifestyle products

ClickBank commission rate: up to 75%

Registration page:

 9. СJ Affiliate 

Product: a variety of world brands

CJ Affiliate commission rate: up to $100 per sale

Registration page:

 10. Shareasale 

Product: a variety of world brands

Shareasale commission rate: it depends on the program you join, up to 30% or $60 per sale 

Registration page:

 11. Bluehost 

Product: web hosting

Bluehost commission rate: $65 per sale

Registration page:

 12. Siteground 

Product: web hosting

Siteground commission rate: up to $80 per sale

Registration page:

 13. Convertkit 

Product: email marketing software

Convertkit commission rate: 30% per sale

Registration page:

 14. Maxbounty 

Product: an advertising platform

Maxbounty commission rate: it depends on the offer you are in, but some people make up to $300 per sale

Registration page:

 15. Semrush 

Product: marketing platform for SEO

Semrush commission rate: up to 40% recurring commission per sale

Registration page:

How To Make Money Fast: Do Freelancing Jobs 

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make real cash online. Freelance is so popular worldwide because it gives an opportunity to start doing what you love for money. 

No special education or certificates required. Only you, your laptop and internet connection. 

So, what are the highest paying freelancing jobs and how much you can make as a freelancer?

Let’s take a closer look at the situation on the market today.

Top 10 highest paying freelancing jobs for 2020:

  • Developer (gaming, application)

Average hourly rate: $80 – $100

  • Designer (illustration, web, graphic)

Average hourly rate: $55 – $90

  • Marketing / PR Consultant

Average hourly rate: $70 – $90

  • Video Producer

Average hourly rate: $40 – $60

  • Legal Advisor

Average hourly rate: $40 – $60

  • Coach (wellness, business, lifestyle)

Average hourly rate: $80 – $120

  • Cybersecurity expert

Average hourly rate: $80

  • Finance consultant

Average hourly rate: $50 – $60

  • Cryptocurrency Expert

Average hourly rate: $50-$100

  • Translator

Average hourly rate: $50 – $70

How to get clients as a freelancer? Here is a list of the top freelancing websites to find clients and start making money today:

 16. Upwork 

 17. Toptal 

 18. Freelancer 

 19. Fiverr 

 20. CloudPeeps 

 21. Indeed 

 22. Guru 

 23. Servicescape 

 24. Craigslist 

How To Make Money Fast: Start a dropshipping business

Probably you are aware of the opportunities you can get with a dropshipping business. Anyway, I more than happy to remind you about its main strengths. 

Dropshipping business is a business model when the owner of the products that you sell is someone else, not you. 

This business has a number of privileges and can be easily launched with no skills and investment. Moreover, it doesn’t take too much time to run this business successfully, so you can spend an hour or two every day to make several hundred dollars on a regular basis.

If you are interested in the details of how to launch a dropshipping business you are welcome to read this guided>>   

How To Make Money Fast: Test Websites and Applications

Need money? Try your testing skills!

Here is a list of websites that will pay you for testing:

 25. Userfeel 

How much can I earn: $10 per test

Tester registration page:

 26. Testing Time 

How much can I earn: up to $60 per hour

Tester registration page:

 27. Validately 

How much can I earn: up to $100 for a live remote research session

Tester registration page:

How To Make Money Fast: Do Online Surveys

Doing online surveys is another easy way to make money fast and with no skills. The payment here is not always so high but spending a couple of hours a day you can make extra dollars on a regular basis.

There is a huge number of survey websites available online but the problem is that most of them have geo-restrictions. So, before creating an account and starting to take surveys, make sure your country is on the list. This information can be found on such pages as FAQ or Terms and Conditions.

survey websites that pay

So, let’s take a closer look at the top-3 list of the best survey websites that pay you fast cash:

 28. Survey Club 

How much money can I make: over $100 for being a member of a focus group

Registration link:

 29. Swagbucks 

How much money can I make: up to $50 per survey

Registration link:

 30. InboxDollars 

How much money can I make: up to $30 per survey

Registration link:

Final Thoughts

As far as you can see there are many websites that can pay you more than $100 a day. It just depends on how much time you are ready to spend on it. Anyway, I would highly recommend you focus on building your own business and not wasting too much time on the jobs that can give you nothing but money. Though if you need some extra cash take any of the variants mentioned in this article.

Tatyana Artemova

Tatyana Artemova is a business coach, entrepreneur, blogger, and motivator. She is a founder of IStartHub, an online magazine for ambitious people.