If you are an expert in your subject and want to make money by tutoring others here is a detailed overview of how to start a tutoring business and where to find tutoring jobs.

But first, let’s decide why it can a problem to start making money as a tutor? Most people just don’t know where to start and it stops them from getting clients online.

A little pre-history.

My friend Mary has tutoring skills and one day she decided to get more freedom from office and start making money online as a tutor. She did an announcement about her online classes on social media and managed to get first clients thanks to the word of mouth. That was actually all she did to start making money as an online tutor. After our previous meeting, I realized that Mary had no ideas about what else she could do to find clients and decided not to scale up. So, I made up my mind to create an article where I can describe all the opportunities you have if you want to start tutoring business.

Let’s start!

How to start a tutoring business

1. Get prepared

– Create a plan for your tutoring program

Outline the topics you are going to teach and the results you want to deliver. For example, you are going to teach English, so think about the following:

Will it be general language classes or ESL tutoring?

Are you more interested in 1:1 teaching or group tutoring?

This will help you to identify your target audience more clearly.

– Software

If you decided to become an online tutor make sure you have a laptop with a good internet connection. In case you need a budget laptop just check this article.

Choose a video communication service. Actually, there are lots of apps to connect with your clients – both paid and free. But I would recommend using such free services as Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom. I personally use the last one for my coaching sessions and you can start it for free.

zoom for tutoring business

2. Names for a tutoring business

If you decided to start a tutoring business it is time to think about its name. A tutoring business with a name looks more serious and gets more trust. Nevertheless, if tutoring is just your hobby there is no need to name it.

How to create a good tutoring business name?

  • Make it short and memorable – use two or three words to name your business. A short name is easy to remember, and it can be used as a domain name for your website
  • Use your personal name – there is nothing wrong to use your personal name for a tutoring business. Additionally, it will be even an advantage if you decide to promote your business via personal brand.
  • Use your specialty – if you are an English tutor only and do not collaborate with other tutors inside your business structure, show your specialty. This will give an opportunity to avoid additional questions from potential clients about tutoring subjects.

So, here is a list of 10 tutoring business names that can help you to create your own:

  • Time To Learn
  • Best English Tutors
  • iTutor
  • Your Tutoring Academy
  • My Tutor
  • Mary The Math Tutor
  • As Easy as a Pie
  • Live and Learn
  • Inspired Tutors
  • Crazy Tutors

3. Understand your audience

Decide on the audience you want to teach. For example, you are an expert in German and would like to help your clients developing language skills. Would you help university students with their home tasks or teach elementary level kids? This decision is highly connected with your targeting and marketing campaign.

It is highly important to clearly identify your target audience if you want to be a ‘go-to” person in your niche. Become the solution people will search for and you won’t need to search for clients.

4. Get tutoring clients

Tutoring / Freelancing Websites

Most teachers start searching for the best online tutoring jobs on special tutoring websites. It is the easiest way to start since you shouldn’t worry about marketing, your personal website or paid ads. Just create an account and start working.

Here is the list of the most popular platforms for tutors you can use to find first clients:

  • Tutor.com – one-to-one solution for teaching languages, maths, sciences, technology and business.

Apply here >>

  • ITalki – a highly popular platform for teaching languages

Apply here >>

  • Select my tutor – a platform for finding personal tutoring jobs in different subjects. It has a user-friendly extended search.

Apply here >>

  • Fiverr – a freelancing platform

Create an account >>

  • Upwork – a freelancing platform

Create an account >>


If you want to scale up and grow your online tutoring classes into tutoring business start building your personal brand. Share your expert knowledge by publishing useful articles to your blog and this will help you to bring more attention and build an audience around your brand.

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Start making videos related to your subject matter and telling about your tutoring program, giving expert tips or sharing your experience with the audience. Publish and promote your video content on IGTV or Youtube to attract more audience.   


Think about the platforms your potential clients are using.

For example, if you would like to teach kids you should visit the platforms, forums where parents share their experiences.

Social Media

The last but not the least. 🙂 Probably social media will be the number one place you’ll start to use for your service promotion. And you will be right. Most tutors find their first clients through the word of mouth and it helps them to grow faster.

Use social media to tell your friends and friends of your friends about what you are doing. Ask people you know about sharing your posts and recommending your services.

Instagram is a perfect channel for building a personal brand and promoting your tutoring services.

Final thoughts

If you decided to become a tutor and have no idea where to find your first clients – start with tutoring websites. It is the easiest way to make money fast and without spending time on marketing and branding.

But if you want to build a tutoring business and want to become a “go-to” person in your subject, think about building your personal brand or we can develop your brand strategy together.

Tatyana Artemova

Tatyana Artemova is a business coach, entrepreneur, blogger, and motivator. She is a founder of IStartHub, an online magazine for ambitious people.