I hate diets but tried some of them in my life. Not that I had problems with my weight, but I thought that was a perfect way to become healthier. Most of them brought nothing but minor changes to my weight and harmed my health. I used to eat one apple a day, drink only water and eat nothing, I even added some butter to my coffee. Fortunately, I stopped in time! But one day I heard about the keto diet. Not that I was very much interested in new weight loss opportunities, as I mentioned above I am ok with it. But marketing has huge power. The ketogenic diet is promoted by celebrities, followed me on social media and websites. So, I gave up and tried it. As an entrepreneur, I always search for new sources of energy to do more tasks during the day. And the keto promised to boost my productivity so why not give it a try? Today I would like to explain keto diet and share with you my tips on how the keto diet can help you to become super productive. Let’s go!

What is the keto diet?

Two days into my diet and I am still not skinny; this is bullshit.

Explaining keto diet I need to tell that the keto considerably differs from all traditional diets. It says you can still eat fatty food regularly and lose weight! Is it possible? – Wow!

The keto is high-fat and low carb. It allows fatty products but excludes milk, junk, and processed food, cakes, etc. It means you can eat red meat, avocado, nuts, cheese, eggs, and even mayo.

what is the keto diet

So, how it works then?

According to Zaheer Ellias Najeeb, running the Keto Republic, “The idea is to drastically reduce carbohydrate intake in the body and replace the carbohydrates with fats. This process puts the body in a state of ketosis. During ketosis, our body burns fat for energy efficiently.”

In other words, the process is the following: you eat fats, your liver turns fats into energy, as a result, ketones that are the main energy source are produced.

How the keto diet can help you to become a super productive entrepreneur

The keto beginners may think that this diet is widely used for weight loss purposes. But it is not always so.

The keto diet for beginners is a proven way to get better results in life and achieve goals faster. Following its rules, the keto could become a new source of energy.

How does it happen?

 The keto diet boosts productivity, and here is how:

1. The keto diet helps you to sleep well

Good sleep is our main source of energy that impacts productivity a lot. Though there is an opinion that people starting a ketogenic diet have sleep problems, it was proved that this high-fat diet positively affects our sleep through weight loss pathways. Additionally, there is a theory that the keto diet could influence the brain’s chemical adenosine that is responsible for sleep regulation.

Trying keto you have all chances to become super productive doing lots of staff without any desire to nap during the day.

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2. The keto diet gives you more energy

During the ketogenic diet, your body gets energy from fats, so it very much depends on the food you eat. Nevertheless, I have made research and found that most people felt energized with the keto.

the keto diet gives you energy

From the very start, you may feel tired, and it is quite normal. It means that your body adjusts from the sugar-burner regime to a fats-burner one. Any change will affect how you feel, be it a new diet or just one new product. So, the keto diet is not an exception.

Once the adaptation period passes, your body starts getting more energy than ever before.

And a new source of energy is a dream of every entrepreneur. Just imagine how productive you could be and how many business tasks you could handle feeling energized during the day.

3. The keto diet makes you disciplined

The keto is not a usual diet, it is more a lifestyle that brings new rules and gives benefits to your daily routine. As a result, you are getting addicted to it and do not move with the flow anymore. You start having restrictions, changing your habits, and enjoying new things. The keto diet makes you control what you eat and what you do.

And as we know new habits bring new opportunities!

4. The keto diet helps to lose weight

Most people do keto because this diet is proved to burn extra calories faster. It was not the goal from the very start. I am focused on boosting my productivity. But these two processes are also interconnected. Losing extra weight makes you feel better and as a result, you have good sleep and high productivity.

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By the way, it is recommended to add at least 30 minutes of the sport during the day. If you are a busy entrepreneur choose a 20-minute walk instead of going by car when possible. It will help you to lose kilos faster.

5. No need to focus on hunger anymore

The research has shown that people on the keto don’t feel hungry as often as everybody else. Your fat-adapted body makes you feel well enough without the necessity to have additional snacks.

The ketones affecting your brain reduces appetite, which means that you won’t feel hungry during the day as usual. And no need to think about another lunch being super productive is a dream of any business owner.

More time for strategy and business growth!


I don’t like diets but the story with the ketogenic diet is quite different. As you can see, the keto diet could become a lifestyle influencing your discipline, changing habits, and making you more productive at the same time.

For me, it is more a source of energy I can get without spending time for extra lunches and rest during the day. So, I would recommend trying it if you want to boost productivity and achieve success in business.


Tetiana Artemova

Tetiana Artemova is an entrepreneur and owner of IStartHub, a business media for ambitious female entrepreneurs and small business owners.